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  1. wristperer is an great buyer!!!

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    I just sold a watch to wristperer and the entire deal went smoothly. wristperer was a brand new member of the forum at the time of the deal and he conducted himself like a seasoned pro. Hopefully we can do some more deals in the future. Thanks man!!!
  2. Watch Collecting & Road to Self-Awareness. Departing from all your Rolexes, Tudors & others...

    Public Forum
    Watch Collecting & Road to Self-Awareness. Departing from all your Rolexes, Tudors & others... Hi all, Been into watches since I was a kid but for some reason lately, I started feeling differently about luxury items. I feel like I moved on from it, and simply see mine as mere simple objects...
  3. Has USPS Ever Lost Your (Sig Required, Insured) Shipped Watch? What Happened?

    Public Forum
    Hoping this has happened to someone before and they may be able to offer advice. I recently bought a watch via private seller found through forum. The seller shipped through USPS, tracking # provided, and insured the package and it was delivered with "Signature Required" because the value is...
  4. RedVT is an amazing buyer!!!

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    RedVT was a dream to deal with on my beloved Cocktail Time. His communication was stellar and payment was super fast. Hopefully we can cross paths again down the road and do some more business. Thanks RedVT
  5. adrianK great buyer!!

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    adrianK is a great buyer and was a pleasure to converse with back and forth about a recent sell. Payment was prompt and very fair. I hope that I get to interact more in the future with Adrian. Thanks again!
  6. To service or not (before potentially selling)

    I am contemplating selling my 2005 El Primero HW (Cal. 420Z), which I bought 2012. Service status at the time was unclear, i.e. highly likely not to have been and hence a full service is long overdue. I understand that it might be hard/impossible to recover the cost of a service by a higher...
  7. Selling on WUS

    Public Forum
    Hi everybody, I have been collecting and enjoying watches for a few years now, I have been a member here on WUS for over a year and dont yet have my 100 posts minimum to start selling on the site. But I am getting ready to start selling some of the watches I now have grown out of and want to...
  8. OmegaDaddy is an amazing buyer!!

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    OmegaDaddy recently purchased a watch from me and was a true pleasure to work with. He was prompt with not only his communication, but also with payment. He was fair with his offer and I would love to do business again. Thanks
  9. Asking resale value before buying watch

    Public Forum
    Please take no offense people Is it me though, or does it bother you too when... People who see a deal on a watch, have not even bought it and the first thing they ask is: does it have good resale value? I mean, if you are thinking about resale value already, maybe you should just not buy it...
  10. Looking to buy Sekonda de Luxe

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hi, I've been looking to pick up a Sekonda de Luxe for some time now, however, nothing to my liking has cropped up on eBay in the last couple of months so I thought I'd try my luck here. I'm after either a black or blue-faced watch in good condition. Anyone that is serious about selling...
  11. For how long did you keep your first auto watch?

    Public Forum
    I'm curious to know if you guys still have your first auto watch after becoming a WIS? Even if you've moved on to better ones, you've been reluctant to sell it or you never kept it for that long anyway?
  12. Holding back on buying more watches

    Public Forum
    I've read this forum for some time and a common rule is to buy what you like regardless of everything else (comments, brand, price, perception etc.) Also, I've read that if you think too much about buying something, maybe it is not worth it and you should not buy it. Then comes this dilemma...
  13. Help Needed! Carrera Calibre 8 GMT

    TAG Heuer
    Im new to this forum and hoping to get everyone's input. I currently have a TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 8 GMT, I am selling it and got offered $1500. I do not have the box papers. In your opinion is this a good price? Should I hold out for more? Any overall tips.
  14. Rare G ShocksFor Sale!

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Friend of mine is selling a couple g shocks if anyone is interested please respond via email [email protected] Or let me know where I can sell these watches thanks, any advice would be appreciated! G100 - 2327 DW6900CS - 1289 DW9100 - 1663 DW9050 - 2169
  15. Oh no! What have I done???

    Omega Fake Busters
    This is my first post as I am new to the I purchased my first "Real" watch. Problem is, I did it through the grey market without first doing my research. What can I say?...I had always been smitten by the Omega Seamasters. It had always just simply been beyond my means...until now...
  16. Ball Watch for Sale

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I have several Ball Watches. I will be selling two. These two get very little wrist time, so they need a new home where they will get used and appreciated in the manner they deserve! Skylab Limited Edition: First up is my Limited Edition (only 1,600 pieces) BALL Skylab. This beautiful...
  17. Bailed Buyer's Deposit... What to Do?

    Public Forum
    Hi all, would love your opinions please. A buyer for my Omega Planet Ocean 8500 posted a $300 deposit via PayPal two weeks ago while agreeing to foot the rest upon returning from travel. Now he says he's buying a house and can't move too much funds (I'm assuming for loan purposes), and he'd...
  18. How many of you have bought watches from (or sold watches to!) your family members?

    Public Forum
    I've just bought my Dad's gorgeous Christopher Ward C60 Trident-Pro (with Khaki bezel) from him for £275, a watch that he paid £415 for originally. It's in nice condition and considering I know my Dad looks after his stuff well I think I got a pretty good deal on it. It's a really nice watch...
  19. I want to buy Seikos from the Sales forums, but I'm afraid.

    I'm still a new to watches in general, so I'd like some advice for buying watches from private sellers here at WUS. I've bought most of my watches from eBay, and my experience has been overall positive. I'm posting this thread here because I value the wisdom of my fellow Seikoholics. And I...
  20. What's the best route for selling off some of my collection?

    High-end watches
    Hi folks, newbie question here, and the search tool didn't locate what I'm looking for: basically the best way to sell a used "prestigious" watch. I live in Ottawa, Canada where the market of buyers of expensive collectible watches is fairly small and local dealers will obviously gouge me...