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  1. Gallet/ Excelsior Park serial numbers

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Since it's the new year of 2015, felt it was time to put this serial number log together. As I can, I will pull together images and log them with their serial numbers. Smaller serial numbers at the top. This should serve to help us sort out the variances between models. This will only...
  2. I'm trying to establish a date for this Tissot Chrono

    I found the serial number chart a) there are two different numbers, one on the plate and one on the balance bridge, so I'm not sure which one to use and b) if I use the plate number it dates this watch to 1947 but that...
  3. Help Identify this Hublot!!

    Hey Watchuseek!! I'm pretty new on here and just figured out how to post a new thread :-!, but I have found a great Hublot. It is serial number 615946. I'm looking for authenticity, and model number if possible. Thanks so much and I am in love with this forum!!!
  4. Glashutte Original Serial Numbers: What can they tell me?

    German watches
    I can't seem to find any resources about GO serial numbers and what they can tell me about my watch. Can anybody point me in the right direction? The watch that I have seems to have one number on the case back that is the # of my model that was made which is 4 digits, but there's another...
  5. Question about Serial Numbers

    TAG Heuer
    Hi All, New to the Tag Heuer community, I wanted to learn a little more about the serial numbers and what there designation. At my local AD, I noticed that two Carrera Calibre 16 watches had different serials on the back and was wondering if it was different because of the edition? I own the...
  6. SMP - Funny serial number

    Hi All, I'm a newbie hoping to pull the trigger on a (2002?) SMP 3572.50 from a reputable source in Europe. However whilst gathering info about said timepiece I was informed that the serial number was 7 digits - 257XXXX. Whereas I was expecting a 8 digit number - 77XXXXXX. However as the...
  7. Old Omega men's watch, serial number?

    Public Forum
    From the little research I've done, I may have to have a jeweler remove the back to find the serial number, but not sure, so hopefully someone here can help. There is a number on the back L593120. Is that the serial number? The few charts I've seen for Omega watches and serial numbers don't...
  8. How to find info on a mens Delma watch 425302

    Public Forum
    I'm hoping that this is the right place for this thread. I was given a watch today and was just wanting to find out a little bit of information on it (eg name, date and any other history behind the watch) I've only really just started to collect watches and was just wondering if there was any...
  9. Help with Waltham 750-B

    Public Forum
    Hi all, I am a newbie. But I love watches. I just inherited a Waltham 750-B from my Grandfather. It is not working, and I would like to get it in working order. I see it is missing a couple of pieces already and needs to be cleaned. Anyway, the serial numer is B77256. I am having a hard time...
  10. looking for info on my skyhawks..

    I've got these 2 watches that i like very much. The AT i just got and really like, only i do prefer not having to pull the crown to change the mode on the black eagle. But the AT has backlighting so i guess it's alright. Anyways..i'd like to know how to find some info using the serial numbers on...
  11. Need help identifying Omega pocket watch

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Greetings everyone, I hope there's somebody who can help me identify my Omega pocket watch. It was a beautiful present which i really enjoy. I have no history of it what so ever. So i decided that it's about a time to find out a bit more about it, is it genuine? There's missing a chunk of...
  12. Tracing the history of a Breitling chronomat

    Would it be possible to trace the history of and old Breitling Chronomat Vitesse (at least it looks like one) I got from my late father? Could the serial number be registered? By Breitling US? Swiss? Where should I turn to? The watch is far from being new and I don't remember ever seeing dad...
  13. What do you think? Is it real or fake? I bought $5000 watch from a reputable on line store.

    Omega Fake Busters
    Hello I recently bought a lady's constellation watch from one of the most reputable online watch store in the U.S. Needless to say, I was so anxious to recive the watch, but they sent me a wrong one:-| It was similer but differnt model and also it was cheeper than what I had orderedo|They...
  14. Orient x STI Limited Edition II 2010 (SFD0H001B) - What Serial No.'s are out there, and where?

    Hi!! A newbie here!!! Since there is a definite number of these watches, i thought it'd be interesting to see how many are out there, and where!!! And to see if anyone has some of the cool serial numbers (0001, 0666, 0999, 1000) well here's mine, a 0982/1000 - Croatia
  15. Each Planet Ocean has the serial written on the lug?

    Omega Fake Busters
    Hi everybody. I have purchased a PO 42mm on ebay. The seller tells me that there is no serial number written on the back. Can I consider that it is a fake, as each PO is supposed to have the serial written on its left lug? Thank you for your help
  16. Can anyone help identify this Longines?

    Hello, I am looking to buy a second hand Longines Flagship Gold watch, and was hoping to find out some information about the watch. The numbers on the back of the watch are 25618899, below this number is another number 7307. There are also 2 small logos on the back, one looks like an M, the...
  17. Serial number for Suunto Core manufactured in 2011 ?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I am about to buy my new Suunto Core soon. (I'm in love with the Suunto digital styling) Does anyone know the Serial number for Suunto Core watches manufactured in 2011 ? I'm thinking of getting the latest batch with the newest software/hardware version, from the...
  18. Mystery Hand Etched Ref Number

    I've just inherited an Omega watch from my Grandfather, the serial number on the inside dates it to approx 1965 (2202.50.43) and the movement is cal. 601. A look on the back of the case tells me that its a gold plated Geneve model (131.019). However there is another serial number, hand etched...
  19. + Amazon

    TAG Heuer
    Sorry if this has been asked before. I'm contemplating buying the Carrera CV2010.BA0794 through Amazon. I've read up on the concept of "gray markets" and understand that buying from Amazon (or its third-party stores) means I can't use Tag's official guarantee, even though I can be fairly certain...
  20. Ser# on Reduced. On lug and caseback??

    A Speedmaster Reduced for auction has a serial number on the external caseback as well as on the 7 lug. The numbers don't match. I can't imagine that they would have them in both locations, never mind the non-match. Have any of you ever seen a serial number (on Speedy Reduced) on both the...