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setting time

  1. Bought a new pocket watch, can't figure out how to set the time.Help?

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    Got the lady friend a pocket watch that I do not know how to set the time for.It did not come with a manual or instructions. Anyone able to help me? Here's the amazon page for it. Photo Insert Holder Wind up Pocket Watch: Jewelry The second to last picture is not of the watch I have...
  2. Time setting - adjusting for travel through time zones Grande Reverso Calendar

    Forgive a newbie question - I just bought a gorgeous Grande Reverso Calendar in SS and I love it, but I am befuddled by the time setting directions. I travel quite a bit and I don't get how to adjust for time zones if I can't go counter clockwise or go past 3 am. Are these hard and fast rules...
  3. Quick PO noob question..

    Hey guys, This one is about adjusting the time.. Okay, so I managed to change the date today but i noticed that I couldn't change the time when I pulled it out to the first position. Am I doing something wrong? shouldn't the second hand stop moving when it pulls out to position #1? Please be...
  4. Setting the date. Orient mako.

    Maybe there is an obvious answer to this question, but... How do you know if you've set the date to change at midnight or noon? I've definitely got it wrong, because it's 11:38AM, and the date is starting to turn to the next day. In other words, how do you set your watch and be sure you've...
  5. How to set time on the Orient CEM65002D: 'Blue Mako'

    Hi all, This is my first post. Want to start by saying thanks to all who post in the forum... your reviews, pics etc. were very helpful in choosing my new watch, an Orient 'Blue Mako' #CEM65002D. I just received the new watch and it's my first mechanical watch :-) However, I'm in trouble; I...