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  1. Question about automatics and engagement while setting time

    Public Forum
    I've got a few automatics I wear regularly. I've noticed, that, when setting the time, sometimes that crown does not engage properly. For instance, occasionally the second hand won't stop when the crown is pulled. This has happened on a Hamilton, an Omega, and a Rolex (once). This hasn't...
  2. I have a few general watch questions in need of answering please.

    Public Forum
    I recently got a new watch. The watch is a Citizen Grand Classic. I absolutely love it! Truth be told, it is the most expensive watch I have bought thus far and I very much want to keep it in good shape. I have a few questions, and though I realize they may be a bit obsessive, I would love...
  3. How did they know the time before the digital age?

    Public Forum
    Hey, Mechanical watches loose accuracy over time. Now days we turn to the internet or to a reliable digital clock around the house to set our automatics. But how can it be done without the reference of digital time? How did they do it in the good-old’-days when watches were first introduced...
  4. Help. How to wind my watch?

    Public Forum
    Hi, I bought an HMT Sona and found that the time is set by moving the crown counter-clockwise when pulled out. When I turn the crown counter-clockwise (when pushed in) it turns easily and I can hear clicks, but it turns endlessly. I've turned it about 100 rounds already with no resistance...
  5. Bought a new pocket watch, can't figure out how to set the time.Help?

    Public Forum
    Got the lady friend a pocket watch that I do not know how to set the time for.It did not come with a manual or instructions. Anyone able to help me? Here's the amazon page for it. Photo Insert Holder Wind up Pocket Watch: Jewelry The second to last picture is not of the watch I have...
  6. Timely Tips for Swiss Timepieces

    Links & Articles
    A couple of things you should know about Swiss watches. Quartz vs mechanical In Quartz watches, a specially designed battery activates a Quartz crystal inside the movement that vibrates approximately 33,000 times per second. These vibrations are then translated into impulses by a computer chip...
  7. set the second hand on a mechanical chronogrph

    I've seen references to setting the second hand on mechanical chronographs, but I haven't figured how to do that, if possible. I've got a Chrono Callisto with a Caliber 11 movement. Anyone help on this?
  8. Can gold jewel settings be added to a movement?

    I notice that movements tend to look nicer with gold settings for their jewels. Is it possible to add them to a movement that does not have them already?
  9. Nighthawk Dual Time 30 minutes off?

    24 Hour watches
    Hi all, I am trying to set my Citizen Nighthawk's 24 hr dual time...and I noticed that the dual time is about thirty minutes off. If I set the watch (main hands) to 9:00 on the dot, the dual time hand lies between the 8 and 9 mark. In order to make the 24 hr hand read 9, I have to advance the...
  10. Parts for Womens Gruen Curvex model 350 (649946)

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I am mid-way through a complete overhaul on this beautiful curvex and find 4 teeth missing from the minute wheel. Does anyone have a good source for vintage Gruen watch parts? This particular model doesn't produce great Google search results in general. I have another one - model #520...
  11. Tag 6000 series WH1111-K1...winding trouble..please help

    TAG Heuer
    Hi All, I have run into some recent trouble with my Tag noted above. I have lost the booklets and never had any problems with this watch in the years that I owned it. i find myself having to replace the battery too frequently in my opinion. I fear my local jeweler is more then happy to keep...
  12. Help- how to set the day on a Seiko 6106?

    On a dual-language model (english/spanish), I found it difficult to change languages in the day window - after an apparently successful change it would revert to the previous language at the next day change :-( When it finally ended up in the desired language without reverting, I couldn't...
  13. Quarky Speedy reduced

    Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to this forum as well as the whole horological world. This is my first post and I've got a few general questions for everyone. I bought my first "real" watch a few months ago. It's an Omega Speedmaster Reduced (3510.50 - 3220 automatic movement). It's a second-hand...
  14. new to Omega, please help

    I bought an Omega with the movement 3313 recently and just realised when I set the date, it only changes after 12.30, not 12.00. DOoes that sound right? To my understanding, the date should be changed right after 12.00 since it suppose to be such an accurate piece. Is there anything wrong with...