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  1. Watchmaking
    I notice that movements tend to look nicer with gold settings for their jewels. Is it possible to add them to a movement that does not have them already?
  2. Public Forum
    I thought I read somewhere that you can adjust how often your Riseman measures the Barometric pressure and Altitude. If this is true, how do I achieve this? The Riseman has some strange algorithms for adjusting it's settings!:-s Any tips for this and other things I should know? Thanks, Hawk
  3. Tissot
    I just purchased a T063.637.16.057.00 and trying to figure out the settings adjustment on it. User manual is very very basic and doesn't even tell you things like what to use to push the corrector buttons. What I am struggling with most is how to tell if I am currently in Year 1, 2, 3 or 4...
  4. Public Forum
    Hi everyone I will be very honest , this is my first post on this forum and had it not been for the sheer frustation caused due to my inability to set the dual time on my TIMEX ATLANTIS I perhaps would not have registered on this site. above is...
1-4 of 4 Results