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  1. Yema Navygraf shipping Chronopost requires passport?

    Affordable watches
    Quick question. I've ordered the Yema Navygraf which has recently been shipped via the carrier Chronopost. However, one of the staff at Yema has contacted me for my passport number, which allegedly was requested by Chronopost. Did any of you guys have similar experiences with this, when...
  2. netwatch is a great seller

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    I just bought a watch from netwatch, and I recommend him highly. The transaction couldn't have been any smoother. He went out of his way to answer questions and even sent me a photo when I asked about lume. Also, he's a good communicator and a quick shipper. I hope to buy from him again sometime.
  3. New Seiko from Gnomon seized by customs?

    Hi Guys, I've run in to a customs problem and was hoping you guys could chime in. I'm posting here because I'm hoping this is where people most experienced in buying Seiko will be hanging out! I have an incoming Seiko Tuna - very excited! It was shipped out in record time by Gnomon via DHL...
  4. eBay Global Shipping Program

    Public Forum
    Had a ridiculously bad time with the eBay Global Shipping Program? Please post your experience, to help others avoid problems during the holiday season.
  5. insuring watch shipment/best companies/parcel pro registration

    Public Forum
    Can anybody fill me in on why parcel pro requires references to register? Also if somebody wants to let me use them as a reference it would be appreciated, I need to send a watch out and I would prefer the best insurance possible as the normal carrier insurance is not enough. Are there any other...
  6. Manbush Shipping Times to North America?

    Affordable watches
    Just wondering what shipping times are like for orders from manbush (m_anbushijie) using the various options (registered airmail or EMS)?
  7. Parts Suppliers in Asia

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi All, I am based in India and trying to revive some G's. I have checked with local Casio centers and nobody here keeps stocks for vintage models. Does anyone have any list of suppliers for bezels and other parts based in Asia (Japan or HK or even China, for that matter)? My concern is...
  8. Steinhart shipping

    I have ordered 6 or so Steinharts, always slow,,last one supposed to be in stock,,sent email saying not in stock,,,week delay,,,now again, I can not get Steinhart to advise when my order will be shipped,,,over a week has gone by with NO REPLY...this will be my last...order.
  9. How long did you wait for your watch? (Census time)

    I know I'm sort of beating a dead horse here, but I think it would be interesting to see the spread of waiting periods for those of you that ordered from Steinhart direct. I read the other posts on shipping and all that, I get that the company is understaffed and that the wait can be a little on...
  10. Nato Strap Co. - Excellent experience with great customer service

    Straps & Bracelets
    as a revision to my original thread, USPS made a shipping error. not only did NSC and Jay handle this quickly, they also sent me a free strap of my choosing for my troubles (which I was very grateful for considering i had a hard time making up my mind for the first order). cannot wait for them...
  11. Andy K great seller!

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Just bought a seamaster from Andy, sent overnight exactly as described, feel comfortable doing a deal with him.
  12. Shipping Watches to Hong Kong (From USA)

    Public Forum
    Hi WUS, How would y'all recommend shipping 2 watches from USA to Hong Kong (for service)? I usually ship EMS (Express International in USPS-speak), but ran into a roadblock at the post office on Saturday: This HK customs restriction: "Coins; banknotes; currency notes, including paper money...
  13. Delivering peace of mind: Cambridge Consultants unveils a new way of keeping tabs on damaged parcels

    Public Forum
    Keeping track of dropped and damaged parcels has just got easier – with a new sensor system and app developed by innovative product development firm Cambridge Consultants. Called DropTag, the concept shows at a glance what’s happened to a package in transit. And it could end the gamble of...
  14. Let's Talk Shipping...

    Public Forum
    With all of the back-and-forth sales and watch-traffic from here to the moon, what's the best way to ship a watch for the least amount of $$$ that you have discovered?
  15. Meranom Order Nightmare

    Russian watches
    Hello everyone, So here's my issue. I ordered two separate watches: One was the Komandirskie rugged 431296 from Meranom on 8/11/12. One was the Komandirskie beautiful 641686 from ChistopolCity on 8/10/12. The 641686 from ChistopolCity was processed and shipped by the day after I placed my...
  16. [European Union/Schengen Agr.] Unable to find stores with this particular Komandirskie K-34. Help?

    Russian watches
    Hello, Portuguese fellow posting here for the first time :) I fell in love with this particular Komandirskie K-34. My problem: the stores where I can find it ship from Russia or the USA. Unfortunately this could be troublesome to pass through Portuguese customs. sells it and...
  17. Overseas Shipping on a Higher End Piece

    High-end watches
    Hi guys, I hope this is in the correct forum. I'm working on a deal for Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver which is located in Eastern Asia (confirmed authenticity with full box, papers, and some very nice up close pictures to look through). My one concern is this: if I end up getting this watch...
  18. Perhaps...a thread on STEINHART's...order processing

    For the past two weeks and months... i just couldn't stop noticing that STEINHART GERMANY had been bombarded by frequent complaints of poor response to order emails or delayed shipment or even in-complete package received(warranty card, user manual)... What i've noticed is that most of the...
  19. WATCH-BAND-CENTRAL shipping problems

    Straps & Bracelets
    Has anyone else had shipping issues with this company? I ordered a staib mesh band several weeks ago and was told that it shipped out on March 9. I have yet to receive it. Anyone else had this problem? If you've ordered from them before, how long did it take your item to arrive in the US...
  20. Anybody else been disappointed like this after opening up a box?

    Affordable watches
    I'm hoping they have more available for an exchange because I like the watch and I paid a reasonable price for it I think :-( I was tracking it all day too from work, just waiting for it to arrive and looking forward to opening the box when I got home.