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  1. Public Forum
    There are lots of claims about shock resistance, and lots of unscientific posts about shock tests (drop tests, throwing against a wall, driving a car over, paint mixer, etc.) Does anyone know of a summary of quantitative shock and vibe testing on various watches? A drop from height is...
  2. Watchmaking
    This question arose in my mind after seeing old pocket watch movements converted into wrist watches, still without shock protection. From my limited understanding of the durability of balance staffs, it seems like that may be a bad idea without adding a shock protection system if they are...
  3. Orient
    At least one of Orient Watch representatives says that Triton has the same shock resistance structure as M-Force (in addition to the similar blurb on its web site). Only way to confirm or refute the doubt is by disassembling a Triton watch I think. Is there anyone skilled & knowledgeable enough...
  4. Public Forum
    Hi All I've got a condition which means that I use sticks every day to get around, and will do so for the foreseeable future. I'm able to walk short distances (e.g. around the house) without using them, but it's just too tiring and too slow to go without for long periods of time. I'm aware...
  5. TAG Heuer
    I am just really worried about my watches if I bumped them or something. Recently I was playing soccer with my friends and I blocked a soccer ball with my hands. Will this affect the movement of my watch? (Calibre 1887). How much shock can Tag Heuers take?
  6. Affordable watches
    Can you suggest any men's watches that can be had new for <$200 with all-metal case 35-37mm diameter (excl. crown), 100m water resistance, sufficient shock resistance for daily running, and some texture on the dial? Thanks, appreciate your input.
  7. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Sinn 556I in excellent condition on bracelet and with original leather strap with box and papers (manuals and warranty card), tool and threadlocker in bottle. Sell via PayPal, price SOLD (international shipping inc) Mechanical Movement ETA 2824-2 Self-winding mechanism 25 bearing jewels...
  8. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hello everyone, A number of months ago, and with the help of this subforum, I purchased my first mechanical watch, the Sea-Gull M182SK. (Please don't ask what manner of wristwear I was partial to before). It's a beautiful piece, which is why I can't resist posting a photograph of it here...
  9. Casio G-Shock
    So I do know about the drop tests. But what is the minimum that Casio G-Shocks are rated for shock resistance in Gravities (Gs)? They are rated to 200M (20Bar), but why do they not quantify or even publicize the shock resistance rating? Anybody have any clue?
1-9 of 9 Results