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  1. Russian watches
    I'm looking for more information on this watch. Specifically, does it look like a frankenwatch or a fake? I've searched through this forum and used google to try to match it, but to no avail. Any information would be much appreciated. Here are the images
  2. Russian watches
    Hello dear forum members, I need your help once again. This time I have a chance to buy a watch, which design is probably the most appealing for me from all Russian watches- Signal alarm watch. Still, its not that cheap (somewhere around 90$, not Sturmanskie, but still quite much :-d ) Here is a...
  3. Russian watches
    One more arrival: Сигнал 304, mechanical alarm clock with an AM radio receiver around ;) This is just one way of looking at it... Portable AM receiver from the 80's-90's, with mechanical timer. Produced by the Kamensk-Uralsky Instrument Factory aka "Oktyabr"/October that produced the famous...
  4. Russian watches
    A few weeks ago I bought this watch on the quarterly watch and clock fair, called 'de Rikketik' in Houten, the Netherlands. It is a Signal with a Poljot 2612 movement with an alarm function. This movement is an almost exact copy of the AS-1475 movement, by Adolph Schild, Grenchen...
  5. Casio G-Shock
    Hi there, I live in Greece...and it seems that i can't recieve the signal coming from Germany to autoadjust the time...:-s Can something be done about this ? I have the GW-9200 (Riseman)..
  6. Digital & ABC watches
    My salvage PAW-1200 arrived from the States today. It's weird not being able to just set the time. I'm in the UK and the nearest signal appears to be from Rugby (League or Union?). I've only got one bar on the signal strentgh meter, so what's the chance that I don't get an update overnight?
1-6 of 6 Results