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  1. orient ray II blue with rubber strap lug width model FAA02008D9

    hi everyone, I just ordered this watch online. it says the lug width is 20mm. but I googled and most links say its 22mm. there were still some links which said its 20mm. I wish to order some nato straps but just wondering what the actual lug width is so as to order the correct size. thanks :)
  2. If you're asking if a watch is too big, make sure you give us a decent photo!

    Public Forum
    There are a lot of threads asking whether a given watch is too big, and then they are accompanied by a photo in which the camera is so close that the watch basically fills the whole frame. This is not how you or others will look at your watch! When you put the watch that close to the camera...
  3. WTB Maratac Mid Pilot

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking for this model: preferably mid size shipping to Italy
  4. Watch Strap Size Preferences/Opions

    Straps & Bracelets
    Hey there, I am looking to build up my strap collection because putting a new strap on a watch can completely change the feel of the watch making it feel like a new watch, so I figure, the more straps I have, the more watches I have :-d. I would prefer it if I could use every strap on every...
  5. JLC Classic Size Comparison Photos 2918

    Went browsing at a JLC boutique for a Reverso and here are some wrist shots to compare the sizes. My right wrist is 19cm, though probably rounder in shape rather than flatter. Hope this help anyone in the meantime :-). From top to bottom on wrist photos: Reverso Classic Medium Thin Q2548520...
  6. Yes, That Watch IS Too Big for Your Wrist!

    Public Forum
    In response to the many "Is this too big for my wrist?" posts, I'd like to provide a thoughtful answer here. If you're even thinking about asking that question, then the answer is almost certainly: Yes, it's too big! That any part of your conscious (or unconscious) mind is motivating you...
  7. SD43 Too Big?

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hi All, I recently acquired a Sea Dweller 2017 (43mm), but seeing as I have 7 inch round wrists, I fear it might be too big for me o|o|o|o|. Thoughts?
  8. SUN019 to Big for 6.5" Wrist?

    I know when it comes to watch size, it all comes down to personal preference but I'm hoping someone with a similar wrist size can give me feedback. 42 mm watches are just right for me and I haven't found anything I like better than SKX's and Monsters. However, I would like one big watch and cant...
  9. Do you own both an SKX00X and an SRP77X?

    Give us your thoughts on the size difference! Love the look of the SRP—but the SKX fits perfectly on my wrist and I worry that the SRP will be a wee bit too big. Merci!
  10. Is this Movado a good size for my wrist?

    Public Forum
    Hey, all. A few months ago, I got a Movado Museum 40mm as a gift. I really like the watch an just wanted to know if it seems like a good fit, mainly for future reference when I go to buy other watches. My wrist is exactly 6 inches around, for reference.
  11. Evolution of watch diameters (1940-present)

    Public Forum
    Dear community, As a relatively new member (or at least a previously largely inactive one), I thought I'd make a contribution that will hopefully be of some use or interest to some of you. I've been relatively active on a popular Dutch wristwatch forum where I recently posted an article that I...
  12. 43mm vs 41mm for my 6.5 inch wrist

    Public Forum
    I have a 167mm (about 6.5 inch) wrist. I have been looking to buy a new watch and tried out some watches at a local store. I'd like your opinion on 43mm vs 41mm watches. I kind of like the aesthetic style of the 43mm over the 41mm. The Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 (CAR2014.BA0799) is 43mm but...
  13. What's your range of watch-to-wrist ratios?

    Public Forum
    Ok, I know a lot has been said already about ideal watch size vs wrist size. And yes, I agree there is a clear subjectiveness component in there, and not all human perception can be captured in fixed rules or algorithms. Yet, in this day-and-age of Internet shopping it would really help if some...
  14. Avenger verse Super Avenger Size

    I am planning on ordering an Avenger Chrono or Super Avenger Chrono watch but want to make sure I am happy with the size. Does anyone have a side by side comparison picture of the two (optimally with perspective on wrist). I think the Super Avenger may be too big. Also does anyone have...
  15. Men wearing Women's watches

    Public Forum
    Hi Everyone, This is my first post. Recently, I have read a lot of threads on different forums about watch sizes and how more people in general are wearing bigger watches… Questions from posters asking which watch size is more appropriate for them and posts from Men and Women alike opining how...
  16. Help needed re: Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope

    Affordable watches
    So, I’ve been in love with the Max Bill Chronoscope ever since I saw it. It sings to me. I am turning forty next year and am seriously considering getting this watch. The only issue (aside from the pricetag) is that I have relatively small wrists (6.6 inches). And while the Chronoscope’s...
  17. Am I the only one who does this?

    Public Forum
    I'm just wondering if I am the only one who tries to draw watches in different sizes to see how they would fit while being bored at the office lol
  18. Help with Rado Silver Stag bracelet

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello everyone, please excuse my newness. I just picked up my first automatic watch off ebay...Probably payed too much, but I really liked the looks of this guy and I suppose I owed myself a present. My only problem is I can't find much information about the line, specifically the band lug...
  19. GW-A1100-1A3 for a 7-inch wrist??

    Casio G-Shock
    Hello, I am very keen on buying a Casio G-Shock GW-A1100-1A3 (from the Gravity Master Collection) and I have a 7-inch wrist. Now normally it is advisable to visit a store and try it out before buying it but unfortunately this particular high-end model is not available in any of the authorized...
  20. Watch Dimensions - what do you look for?

    Public Forum
    1) Case Width. I love the look of many watches and then find that they simply look ridiculous when on-wrist. The modern trend for large watches has gone too far. I often see forum posts from proud owners of a new watch ...their watch is too large for their wrist - but how can you tell them when...