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  1. Tudor 1926 sizing problem - no micro-adjust!

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hi folks I bought my partner a 28mm Tudor 1926 for Christmas. She loves the watch but I am having real problems sizing it for her 6 inch wrist). The problem is that there are no half links and there are no micro-adjusts on the clasp. With 3 links out it is too tight and with 2 out it is very...
  2. G-Shock Ultimate Sizing Guide(s)! WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

    Casio G-Shock
    Hey, I've seen way too many posts asking wether a certain watch is too large for a certain sized wrist, so here is the ultimate sizing guide! The way it works is that you print out a piece of paper with the specific watch on a 1:1 scale (same size as actual), then you can cut it out and fit it...
  3. Sizing the bracelet for my newly acquired Zenith El Primero Rainbow - need help!

    Hi folks, I need some help here from you guys! Attached are the pictures of my bracelet. How do you remove the links? As shown in the photos, the screw head appears on both sides of the link. Can anyone give me some tips on how to do this myself. I don't have any reliable watchmakers around...
  4. Advise needed - sizing Tudor Pelagos bracelet

    Rolex & Tudor
    I just got my Tudor Pelagos and I am pretty excited to wear it. But first I need to size my bracelet as I bought it unsized. I know it looks simple with screws, but thought I will clarify first. 1. Is it just simply unscrew the link and the link will come off? 2. What jeweller screwdriver size...
  5. Nomos sizing help - first time buyer!

    German watches
    Hey guys, new member here looking for some advice. I've done a quick search and I can see that the general consensus is that Nomos watches wear a lot larger due to the lug-to-lug distance however I've still got a few lingering doubts. I'm very keen on the Tangente Gangreserve however my main...
  6. Any leather strap sizing experts out there?

    Public Forum
    Hi I have ordered a custom strap from gunnystraps today and im just worried i have ordered the wrong size. Any help would be appreciated as i dont have an old to go by. I have a 6.4 inch wrist or 164mm. I have a Glycine Combat Sub Stealth which lug to lug is 50mm The sizing of the strap i have...
  7. Adding more holes to a silicon band

    Straps & Bracelets
    Hey! I've been lurking around for a while, and finally have a reason to post. I received a special watch for Christmas, a limited edition watch designed for my favorite professional soccer player, Clint Dempsey. The OM band is a silicon band that went ahead and cut down to fit my wrist...
  8. Archimede size/features dilemma: 36mm vs 39mm on a girl's wrist

    Pilots' & Military watches
    I'm ready to take my first dip into the world of pilot watches and have decided on an Archimede, but I'm a bit torn as to what size I can handle. I've not been able to search up any information on the top-lug-to-bottom-lug measurements of either size. I have a 5.75" wrist that is around 47-ish...
  9. Bernhardt Binnacle Anchor Link Question

    Public Forum
    Hey everyone, does anybody with a Bernhardt Binnacle Anchor know what size screwdriver is needed to remove the links? I am hopefully receiving this watch for christmas and want to be able to size it right when I get it!
  10. Nixon Chronicle SS

    Fashion & Designers watches
  11. Where to Purchase Nomos Online / Nomos Ladies Sizing

    German watches
    I live in California, USA, and I don't see any authorized dealers listed here on the Nomos site. Can anyone direct me where to buy online, if there are any besides WatchBuys? If anyone has information about the fit/sizing of their smaller watches, I am looking for a ladies watch (tiny wrist)...
  12. Video on sizing the stainless steel bracelet for the Marathon SAR wristwatch?

    Dive watches
    Back in October 2008 a WUS member posted a video about sizing the stainless steel bracelet for the Marathon SAR series of wristwatches. It clearly showed how to easily remove the links and gave a list of tools to make the job less frustrating. Here's a link the original post...
  13. help needed with bracelet sizing

    Rolex & Tudor
    I recently acquired a sub with the original 93150 bracelet from the early 80s. My wrist is quite small and although I resized it to fit my wrists by removing links ( there are now 5X5) and adjusting the clasp all the way to the tightest hole, the head of the watch sits unevenly on my wrist as...