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  1. FS: Seiko SKX173 (rare and long discontinued)

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    Sold Sold Sold I just found a mini-grail so I have to thin the heard a bit. Here we have the famous and often copied SKX173. As many of you know the SKX ISO certified series of watches was discontinued and they become ever more difficult to find in good condition like this one at a reasonable...
  2. FS: Seiko SKX173 w/upgraded bracelet (Rare and Discontinued)

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    Hurry and grab this future collectible before it's too late. I'm helping a buddy sell this and thought about picking it up myself since you don't see too many of these pop up in this condition. It comes with what is pictured which includes the inner/outer box, warranty card, stock rubber strap...

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    FS: New Old Stock SEIKO SKX173 DIAL(SEIKO PART #7S261127XB19) This is a genuine Seiko part that has been stored in dry, dark, smoke free environment for some years now. It remains completely unused with both feet still attached/unbent. The lume is still bright and noticeable across a dark...
  4. SOLD! Seiko SKX173 with Strapcode bracelet and extra straps, $235 shipped

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    SOLD - Thanks, WUS and buyer This watch is getting hard to find. It’s the discontinued Seiko SKX173 diver, the American-market version of the SKX007. It's on a Strapcode Oyster bracelet, and includes the original dive strap and three additional straps. Excellent condition. Running about -8...
  5. FS: Seiko SKX173 (Discontinued Model)

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    Before I change my mind, hurray and grab this desirable and discontinued SKX for just $225 shipped CONUS. For those that aren't familiar with this amazing watch it is exactly the same as the SKX007 but was intended for just the North American market. Since it was for a different market, Seiko...
  6. SOLD! Seiko SKX173 with Strapcode bracelet and extra straps, $235 shipped

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    This watch has been sold.
  7. WTB: Seiko SKX173

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    Hi Guys, I would love to purchase a Seiko SKX173 as a birthday/graduation present to myself. It will be my first real watch and I am planning on doing some mods on it too, so hit me up if you got one (in good condition) to sell! Regards, BoostedSouthpaw
  8. FS: Seiko SKX173 - excellent condition - with a few extras

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    Can't get these anymore! Case is in excellent condition. No marks on bezel or crystal. Bezel, chapter ring, and dial are all aligned. Comes with three straps: Eulit Palma perlon, SKX173 OEM strap, SKX007 OEM strap. All in like-new shape. $235 includes shipping and PP fees. No trades, thanks...
  9. Repairing/Modding my original Black Monster SKX779, Modding my SKX173

    This is the first time I am repairing/modding a watch so please forgive me if some of my questions seem simple or obvious. My SKX779, which I bought in 2013, is no longer working properly. Up until a few months ago, it had been running +6 sec/day, which was great. (I had a complete overhaul...
  10. Seiko SKX173

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    Bought this from the original owner who said he only wore it sparingly. I'm just not bonding with it, and am going back to a Turtle. It's in very good condition as you can see from the photos. The only blemishes I can find are a small ding on the bezel between the 3' & 4' dots, and the...
  11. FS: Seiko SKX173 w/ Sapphire & Super Jubilee

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    **SOLD Thank You WUS and buyer!** Hey WUS Fam - Up for sale is one of my favorites! I don't want to sell it but I have some other projects in the works and need to sell this to help fund those projects. This doesn't get the wrist time is deserves and it is mint condition. Comes with Box...
  12. Lemme see your Seiko SKX173 mods! Especially ones with handset mods!

    Hey Y'all, I'm about to pull the trigger on a brand new SKX173. I love the dial and the differences between it and the 007 are just enough to blow me away. I'm looking to mod it slightly by swapping the hands. Trying not to go the Benz route, and would love to see some of your 173 mods! Post...

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    SOLD - SOLD - SOLD! THANKS, ISAAC & WUS COMMUNITY! Hello WUS Community, I'm selling off a majority of my collection to obtain quick funds for a family situation. I got this one a while back on a trade here on WUS. It's in FANTASTIC SHAPE - as the pictures indicate. Movement is running...
  14. Seiko SKX 173! - SOLD!

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    For sale is my Seiko SKX 173. I purchased it from a WUS forum member a few months ago. Just trying to consolidate and let someone else enjoy a watch that they really like since I don’t wear this one. The watch is in very good condition. There aren’t any scratches on the crystal and the bezel...
  15. Seiko SKX173 Malaysia Movement

    I’m thinking to buy a Seiko SKX 173 watch on Amazon It’s made in Malaysia. I have a few Seiko and they are made in Japan. I’m kind of skeptical and not sure if the one that made in Malaysia are the same reliable as the one that made in Japan. Does anybody know anything about...
  16. SOLD: SKX173 with Murphy bezel installed at IWW

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    I am the original owner. Bought new this year. Jack at IWW installed Murphy bezel using OEM insert. Includes box, manual, unused OEM strap, and a basically new two-piece Maratac Zulu (trimmed length). SOLD $240 SOLD includes shipping to US. No trades please.
  17. Sold! Seiko SKX 173 with Dagaz chapter ring

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    For sale my SKX173. Got it here a year ago, worn it a few times but got a 6309-7049 and stopped wearing it. It's in great condition. The original chapter ring was misaligned like so many of the new skx models from Seiko, so I replaced it with a 60 min chapter ring from Dagaz, which makes the...
  18. SOLD -- Seiko SKX173 with bracelet and strap, $185 shipped

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    SOLD -- Thanks, JP and WUS FS: Seiko SKX173 200m auto diver, bracelet and strap included Condition: TZ 95% Sale price: $185 Payment method: Paypal only Shipping: USPS priority mail in CONUS included in price Seiko SKX173 automatic diver with Strapcode Super Oyster II bracelet and unworn...
  19. SOLD: Seiko SKX173 - LNIB with bead blast by IWW - only 1 month old

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    Bought this watch new mid-December 2015 and had it bead blasted by Jack at IWW. I think the SKXs lend themselves really well to bead blasting—less bling. It's basically new—not a mark on it. Comes on unused OEM strap with box and papers. SOLD $225 SOLD priority shipped CONUS. No trades please.
  20. Withdrawn

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