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  1. Some Slava stopwatches from Tank Biathlon 2020

    Russian watches
    Just like the title says. Photos are screenshots of Youtube videos.
  2. Slava new models on Moscow Watch Expo 2019 translated to English

    Russian watches
    Hello! It's better late than never, so here is the video with news about Slava brand from Moscow Watch Expo 2019 with English subtitles. The owner of channel would be happy to have feedback and could make translation for more videos if you ask for it. P.S. Couldn't make the subtitles to...
  3. Slava waterproof stopwatch

    Russian watches
    Hello F10 friends, Like many, i regularly used Mark Gordon's ussrtime website to explore the variety of the Soviet horological industry. In the midst of all the rarities and oddities the waterproof variant of the slava stopwatch peaked my interest and it acquired a permanent spot on the grail...
  4. My Six Russian Beauties

    Image Gallery
    Poljot Okeah 3133 Re-Issue I broke my own rule and paid full retail for this, and was nervous because I didn't know if I should go vintage or re-issue, but now that it's here I couldn't be happier. The edges are so sharp they cut the air, and the blue on the center stripe is the most beautiful...
  5. Evolution-resurrection of Slava Amphibian Sadko - another limited project

    Russian watches
    Moderator's Note: This thread provides information about a project hosted on another forum site for those who might be interested. It is NOT endorsed by Watchuseek forums. Hello Dear Comrades! After a pretty successful K43 project, here is another project - Amphibian Sadko. The idea was born...
  6. Three Russian Affordables

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    Clearing out the watch box and have some affordable Russians for sale. Prices include CONUS shipping and Paypal fees. #1 is a Slava with a cool blue dial. Handwound. Russia-era. $25 #2 is a Raketa Red 12. Handwound. Russia-era. $50 #3 is a Raketa calendar. Handwound. This one is a little...
  7. Slava 2414 Double Headed Eagle

    eBay Auctions
    Please see my ebay posting for this
  8. Help to Identify Watch Movement

    Russian watches
    I would be grateful if someone could identify this Slava movement: I had assumed it was the 2428 as it is hand winding and has a day/date complication.However it seems different from the one shown in: bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Slava 2428 as this page states it should have 21 jewels...
  9. Confused about Soviet watches: and Slava?

    Russian watches
    I have been seized with the desire to own a second-hand Soviet era watch. You can pick these up on ebay for ridiculously low prices. And I've been quite taken with the look of Slava watches - especially the civilian day-date ones. I prefer civilian watches to military. However, my (limited)...
  10. Slava Identification Help

    Russian watches
    An eBay seller I've had good luck with has this Slava up for auction that I'm considering. But the hands don't look correct to me. I've seen Slavas with similar second hands, but none with minute and hour hands like this one. I can't find any catalogs with this model to confirm (or refute) my...
  11. [ASK] What kind of this Slava?

    Russian watches
    This watch is not mine Please have your thought. I looking around and I can't find anything about this watch. Kindly give enlightenment. Thank you
  12. Redials and Frankens and Wrong Hands, oh my!

    Russian watches
    It Never Fails... Every time I think I have my head around figuring out how to spot a original watch (eliminating signs of Frankens or Redials, Wrong Hands, etc), I find a watch that totally throws me off and makes me doubt that I know enough to start collecting these things. It's nearly enough...
  13. Slava (Glory) Chunky Soviet Mens Dress Watch With 26 Jewels Movement From 70s

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I am owner of the shop BestVintage4You on Etsy and selling thouse classic style vintage Slava (Glory) chunky dress watch with blue dial and arabic numbers. This soviet watch was made in 1970s. Special features of this watch is: two barrels, five rubis rollers for date disc, date quick set pusher...
  14. Slava (Glory) Very Rare Soviet Square Ladies Mechanical Watch With Skating Girl On Dial Made In 1960

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I am owner of the shop BestVintage4You on Etsy and selling thouse Slava (Glory) stylish square ladies dress watch from 1960s made in soviet era of figure skating. Great watch with beautiful picture of skating girl on the dial. You can see 360° video view of this watch on our YouTube channel...
  15. FS: Slava Big Zero - NOS!

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Condition: NOS Movement: Slava 2428 Dimensions: 36 mm (38 mm together with crown) Price: 69 USD (+6 USD shipping) - paypal Slava Big Zero watches date back to late 1980s and have not been manufactured for 25 years. The presented products are the originals preserved intact. Note! Small cracks...
  16. Need gasket for Slava

    Russian watches
    Hi all, it's been a while since I have been around here. Watches have been set aside for a while and not really into getting any new ones, especially since I got quiet a few that I haven't even touched yet. A few years ago, I bought some Slave quartz watches (USSRtime #0182). They had gaskets...
  17. Slava Transistor

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  18. New arrival: 1939-Type 1 НКМ/2 ЧАС З.Д/МОСКВА

    Russian watches
    New arrival: 1939-Type 1 НКМ/2 ЧАС З.Д/МОСКВА I just received from Poland a 1939 Type 1, 15 jewels, made by the NKM Second Moscow Watch factory. It is nicely precise, loud (I finally passed my hearing test on the left ear too), the case is old too. I put it on a Bund, for the time being (shame...

    eBay Auctions
    SLAVA AMPHIBIAN CAPTAIN RUSSIAN WATCH Movement Automatic You look all watch of sold by me link
  20. Review: USSR SLAVA Day-date watch. Underrated?

    Today I present to you one of my favourite watches. It is an early 1980s USSR Slava manual wind watch which I recently purchased from eBay. I first stumbled upon it back in November 2012, and was struck instantly by its unique dial, and neat specs. I didn't buy it at first, because, being new to...