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  1. Smart Watches
    ive searched for hours. No serial numbers or brand physically on the watch. Tried so many apps on google play store, galaxy app store and I can't get it to connect. Any information would be greatly appreciated
  2. Smart Watches
    Ok, watch aficionados… here we go! I am looking for a smart watch that does 3 key things :- 1) has great battery life 2) is compatible with either Spotify, iTunes or Amazon 3) has great fitness apps/options i have a budget of about £300 tops… I would like some change to buy new headphones… but...
  3. Public Forum
    I do love my watches, but the more I see of some of the Smartwatches (not Apple), the more I wonder if I should sell off my watches and buy a Smartwatch. They seem to have so many features, many I don't need. I've been researching such a watch for my son who is hearing impaired. He needs a...
  4. Smart Watches
    I am interested in one of these, but it says that the battery can only be changed by an authorized service center at a high cost every two years. I am wondering if I can change it myself. I have tried to find Youtube videos or instructions, but no luck. Anyone...
  5. Omega
    Being a watch nerd and a tech writer I've combined my Seamaster with a Fitbit. I'm still surprised how well it fits and works. Here's what it looks like: Here's how I did it: And here's the whole article (only in German) I wrote about it: Die beste Smartwatch, die ich je hatte - News...
  6. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    i took it out of the box when i got it a month ago, but ive never worn it, so its opened, but still new. Its a really cool watch, but its not my thing and i need the money QUICKLY so the first $250 gets it! Ill ship it standard usps, and i wont charge for shipping unless there is something...
  7. Smart Watches
    Hey guys. I've been thinking about this for the past couple of days and feel all of you might be the best to provide insight. Zap back to 50 years and we know that more people wore wristwatches than today. Fast forwarding specifically into the 2050-60's, do you think wristwatches will still...
  8. Smart Watches
    Are they making it more popular to wear a watch? Or are they taking wrist space from the rest of the market?
1-8 of 9 Results