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  1. Seiko 5 SNK809 - Reveiw

    Hi All, Here's a quick review video of my latest acquisition of Seiko 5- SNK809K1. I think this is the most affordable automatic watch from seiko and could be a first automatic watch for anyone who is into the hobby of watch collecting. Let me know your views.
  2. PRICE DROP!!! FS: Seiko 5 SNK809 Black, Extra Straps Included

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Up for sale is my Seiko 5 SNK809 in near mint, 93% TZ overall conservative condition. Watch was worn in rotation for a couple of weeks, and I’m selling only because I have too many black-dialed watches. Watch has a very faint rub mark on the matte blasted finish on the bezel near the 2:00 that...
  3. SNK807 or SNK381 for first automatic watch?

    Hi, I want to have my first automatic watch and prefer a field watch type. Which one do you prefer between SNK807 and SNK381? I think SNZG11 is too big for my 17cm wrist. Thank you for your idea. Cheers ;-)
  4. Crown for SNK809 (7s26-02j0)

    I got off to a flying stop fitting a NH36 movement into my Seiko 5 mod. I broke the stem trying to get the old crown off. I've been trying to source a replacement crown with no joy. I'm looking at Esslinger's site right now, but don't know the exact dimensions of the crown, or the part number...
  5. SOLD: Seiko SNK809 - worn for 10 minutes, includes new Eulit Perlon

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Selling due to change of plans. Worn briefly. Comes with genuine (and brand-new) Eulit Perlon Panama. These items are currently selling for $85 (watch) + $20 (strap) on Amazon. SOLD $60 SOLD, including PP fees and priority shipping in the U.S. No trades please.
  6. How Tough Is The SNK805, SNK809, SNK807, etc.?

    I recently purchased an SNK805 and am wondering how tough/robust it is. Oddly enough, this is far from my first automatic watch purchase, so I certainly realize this is no G-Shock. I do have a SARB017 among my other automatics.
  7. FS: [PRICE DROP] Seiko Military Field mod - SNK803 / SNK809 - $130 shipped

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hi all, For sale is a SNK Field mod completed by Alchemy Watches (Insta: @AlchemyWatches). At 37mm, this watch wears like a vintage, but with the robustness and reliability of a modern timepiece. The mod is based off the WW2 military / field watches. The mod uses a field dial with both the...
  8. FS: Sinn-ful SNK809 mod - running at -2spd

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Up for sale is my SNK809 mod. Hasn't got a ton of wear. Comes with genuine Eulit Perlon and unused OEM strap. Date at 4:30. Check the timing below. I've always lucked out with these 7S26 movements. $125. No trades please. Includes shipping in U.S.
  9. Can any dial designed for an SKX work for an SNK? + Recommendations

    Title. I recently found this cool dial (Dragonshroud Mother of Pearl White Dial for SKX---, I can't post links) and I want to know if it would be compatible with an SNK809. I'm guessing that it would probably fit because they both utilize the same movement. I'd also love some recommendations...
  10. FS: Seiko 5 SNK809 black dial - Full set - $85 USD shipped OBO

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hello. Up for your consideration, the entry level Seiko 5 classic SNK809 black dial! A watch that I bought on impulse, I just don't wear it. An excellent watch for those just starting to get into automatic watches, it has a day date complication that is both functional and aesthetically...
  11. Take A Look At What I Made! (SNK 809)

    Affordable watches
    Okay, first some context for the story. I am a college student with absolutely zero watch modification skills or equipment. I am really proud of the way this experiment came out and I wanted to share it with my favorite WUS forum. So I bought this 809 when I was 16 years old (I'm almost 23 now)...
  12. Nice $160USD option from Harold Ng (Yobokies)

    Pilots' & Military watches
    Just arrived. Base watch is a Seiko SNK809. Decent lume, too.
  13. seiko snk809

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    WTB seiko snk809 for my 9 year old son. Does not need to be like new, but in pretty good shape and running like new. I am looking to spend $40.
  14. 7 Watchuseek Worthy Seikos

    News from the Watch Industry
    Watchuseek Men cannot live by 7 Seikos alone. So to follow up with our two previous posts on Seiko watches, namely 7 Essential Seiko Watches and Top 7 Must-Have Seiko Watches , we are indebted to Watchuseek reader Mark Barcant for a selection of 7 Seiko’s he believes have been sorely missing...
  15. FS: Seiko SNK809 (BNIB)

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Part of my grail search requires me to purge some of the extras I had lying around. Here is a BNIB SNK809 that I bought to pull the movement out for a mod that never happened. I'll let this go for sold$55sold shipped CONUS (paypal). It is a great piece with the highly desirable black date wheel...
  16. Seiko snk809 Polished Mod

    Watchmaking, How To's and Technical Resources
    Picked the classic Seiko snk809 up the other day, and decided to customize it to my own taste. It took about 2 hours using a dremel, and some mothers polisher. This is my first watch mod and I really enjoyed the process. I am going to part with the black strap which comes with the watch and...
  17. Snk809 second hand stutter

    I have just recieved my Snk809 and worn it for a day or two when all of a sudden the second hand started stuttering. Badly stuttering. At some points it looks like a quartz movement. My question is what caused this? when i hold it up to me ear the ticking sounds normal and uniform. is it...
  18. New to forum, and Seiko, and non-quartz watches

    Hello, new joiner here (as well as another similar forum). I recently bought a couple of Seiko 5's (SNKL23 and the SNK809), really enjoying them. I have always been a fan of watches, from my teen years in the 80's with Swatches, then things like Swiss Army, a Tag Heuer, various other fairly...
  19. Dust in my Seiko 5 (SNK809)

    Hi friends, Last week I noticed that I have a speck of dust next to the Seiko Emblem on my SNK809! Should I be worried? The winder already displays the classic rattle... I don't want any more crap finding it's way into the mechanism. (I've only had the watch since Late summer 2015). Best...
  20. SNK805 sapphire - flat or domed?

    I have had my SNK 805 for almost 5 years now and although it is the cheapest watch I own, it is the one I wear the most!! It is so beautifully styled and made, you appreciate it more and more as the time passes. The one thing that bothered me about it were the short hands, but I solved that...