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  1. Amazing Piece of Free Photo Software!

    AutoHDR - One-click HDR Imaging from single photos Checks:!/results/file/ZTE2MTIzMHJ5S2UxeGY0U2xTSmxaTFUtOXNDeA/regular/analysis AutoHDR2.1.8.exe | 0/35 | NoDistribute is a scam or legit |...
  2. Make your own rotating watch desktop wallpaper (Windows)

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    On my Windows computer I have rotating wrist watch photos as my desktop wallpaper, and I thought I'd share this how-to. First, get John's Background Switcher, which is free: John’s Background Switcher | John's Adventures. John's Background Switcher lets you rotate wallpapers that you upload to...
  3. ChronoDB - Collection Management Software

    Public Forum
    Hi, I would like to present to you a program called ChronoDB for managing your collections. There you can keep track of the whole life of your watch. From buyig a watch, keeping track of its events, through to the selling process. You can enter (and later search) quite detailed information...
  4. Watch Collection Database Software

    Public Forum
    Im new to watch collecting, and have been looking for a decent program (Mac OSX) to catalog my watch collection. I have had no luck finding something that looks pleasant and preferably relatively cheap (under $10). Ive only been able to find programs for Windows, and while I do have a Windows...
  5. Serial number for Suunto Core manufactured in 2011 ?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I am about to buy my new Suunto Core soon. (I'm in love with the Suunto digital styling) Does anyone know the Serial number for Suunto Core watches manufactured in 2011 ? I'm thinking of getting the latest batch with the newest software/hardware version, from the...
  6. Suunto X10 - first review after 3 days of use

    bought a X10 last week and had a couple of possibilities to test it this last weekend. the reason why i got the X10 was that I want to track my cycle races, my hiking tours and in winter my ski-tours, as well as prepare some routes on my desktop and have them on the X10. as I am still waiting...