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  1. SOTC - Small wrist small collection First post

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    Hi all, Its taken me six years but here I am with my first post and my small collection. Some small watches for my skinny wrist. Hoping to be done for a while... but, as always you never know :). Maybe something with a blue dial down the line.. But I think that will be a long time away...
  2. My collection

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    I love seeing people's SOTC's. Here's mine. I've been "seriously" collecting for 2 and a half years now. I am completely content with the current SOTC. I've got no current plans to buy or sell anything. It's no accident that I have 6 tools and 6 dress watches. My collecting philosophy is all...
  3. SOTC 2020-01-21

    SOTC 2020-01-21

  4. SOTC Jan 2020

    SOTC Jan 2020

    I called these 'keepers' in January, but one is sold already and the Zodiac will likely be up for sale soon. I think I want to move to a situation where I choose what to wear from a much smaller collection of 2-3 watches, but I don't want to get rid of anything prematurely (I've done that once...
  5. SOTC! 12 years!

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    12 years on this Beotch! Current shiznit...
  6. SOTC georgefl74 2019 (picture heavy)

    Here's an update to my SOTC since everyone loves photos amIrite? :-d First up, starting my top row, L to R, my Blumo (SBDC003). First Seiko I've ever owned, and an unlucky watch since it came down with multiple problems. Sent it to Duncan Hewitt for repairs and a sapphire crystal upgrade. Got...
  7. 2018 Lessons Learned and SOTC

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    I thought I would do some public thinking out loud as the year is wrapping up. Many on this forum are seasoned aficionados. However, if you are new like me, maybe some of these will resonate. In 2018 my collection grew from 2 to 8 watches (my beautiful Seiko Lord Marvel with linen dial is in...
  8. SOTC georgefl74 (picture heavy)

    My assortment of watches (not a true collection in the strict sense of the word) has paused, so this gives me an opportunity for a SOTC thread I've been meaning to do for a long time. I've managed to narrow it down during the past year to ten watches in the rotation plus five keepsakes. Since 13...
  9. Current vs. Grail Collection

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    After buying and selling many, many watches, I've realized my absolute favourite types of watches. Anything within these categories, I will be super interested in: 1.) A thick round case, classically designed GMT world timer with an exibition caseback and onion crown and complicated looking...
  10. Nice little 2 piece Omega collection

    I have a lot of watches at this point ranging from Seiko, Steinhart, CWard, Tudor, Omega, ETC. I recently picked up an AT for a dressier piece. I take this Wolf travel box along with me, and I think these two can take on any situation. The SMPc is the most accurate watch in my entire collection...
  11. SOTC: Guidance Please?

    Affordable watches
    Thanks for checking out my State Of The Collection (SOTC), which is coupled with a request for guidance on where to go from here. I have two questions: what would you suggest I keep and what would you suggest for a next purchase? My situation is a bit odd, however, and so first let me explain...
  12. [SOTC] State of the Collection and Looking to Make My First Big Purchase

    Public Forum
    Warning: fairly long Hi everybody, this is a two part post; a State of the Collection and a Future of the Collection if you will. SOTC: (Please note none of the photos are mine, if they're yours and you want credit/want it taken down let me know) The first real watch I got was a used Tag...
  13. New Pickup (Omega PO LE) and SOTC (Pic heavy!)

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    My collection has changed quite a bit in the past couple years. A couple years ago, it looked like this: I was strictly into affordables, trying to figure out which watches I really liked. I would buy one I liked if it came up at a good price, and would sell the ones I wore less often. About a...
  14. And she arrives! And a humble sotc shot.

    Officine Panerai
    Thanks for all your suggestions and thoughts. My lurking here has netted me my very own PAM 48 K series for a price that was just too good to pass up. I had worried at first that I would have a hard time adjusting to a 40mm Panerai as I had a hard time initially with my sub lv (due to a daily...
  15. Sinn Collection

    My (modest) collection of Sinns - U1 and U2. My B&R space 1/Sinn 142 is still getting serviced, but will post a pic of all three when I get it back.