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  1. Mod It <<or>> Li$t It. Looking for an alternate VK64 racing inspired dial

    Affordable watches
    Hi guys, Similar to the TV Show that helped homeowners in doubt I need you to act as Hilary & David (you choose sides) and help me decide what to do with one of my watches, Mod It or List It! In short, I purchased a Blue Helgray Silvestone about a year ago and the watch did not trigger a very...
  2. Parts Suppliers in Asia

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi All, I am based in India and trying to revive some G's. I have checked with local Casio centers and nobody here keeps stocks for vintage models. Does anyone have any list of suppliers for bezels and other parts based in Asia (Japan or HK or even China, for that matter)? My concern is...
  3. 1950's Vacheron spare parts like Crown info..thank you all

    Public Forum
    Hello watchuseek community It is an honor to be part of this community and website. Its great and i have been tracking it and reading the forums for a while now. I am very impressed with the respect, passion and info/knowledge people on this forum happily share and help others so thank you all...
  4. Junghans spare parts - expecially the Max Bill plexi

    German watches
    Hello everyone, I'm seriously considering purchasing a Max Bill, however before I do there are a few questions I have. Firstly, what is Junghans' policy on spare parts? Do they supply parts to - say my local watchmaker, or do they restrict supply like many watch brands these days? As I am in...
  5. Spares for Seastar PR516 Automatic Visodate?

    I'm looking for spares, especially for a rotating bezel tachy ring (seconds, black) for a Seastar PR 516 from late 1960's. Any hints/offers appreciated. Br. Jari Laine
  6. Casio PAW-1300 spares

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi. I'm after the following Pathfinder 1300 parts for a project watch: module (!), glass and gasket. Thanks.
  7. WTB Suunto Vector spares or beater

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I'd like to change the coloured upper casing of my Vector and would therefore like either an old one that I can take apart or just the coloured bit, if there's one out there somewhere! I'm just after a yellow piece. Thanx.