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  1. Discovered a spec underneath the crystal of my Sinn U1 Pro..

    Was taking some close ups of the watch when I noticed a small spec beneath the 3-mark. I've owned the watch for 3-4 weeks or so now and never looked close enough to realize it was there but now that I know it exists I can't help but stare at it every time I look down to tell the time. I'm...
  2. Assistance...Asian 6497 removal from 44mm case... need to get at a spec under the glass.

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    Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to remove a 6497 from a 44mm case and then replace it? I've discovered a white spec under the glass of Pan homage. I need to remove it. I've never seen it before (and I 've the watch for a while - it's like it just appeared). other than that the piece is...