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  1. Russian watches
    Hello, I just bought this Sportivnie runner from the 1st quarter of 1957. As the watch is in very good condition for its age, I am looking for expertise regarding the authenticity of the watch. According to the ebay seller, it is 100% authentic.
  2. Russian watches
    Hello comrades, longtime lurker here. I've come here seeking advice from our informed and better experienced watch collectors. I'm here because I believe I have exhausted the extent of my knowledge and familiarity with the elusive Sturmanskie. Particularly, the coveted 17 jewels variant. Now...
  3. Russian watches
    Hi guys, I purchased this watch a little while ago and took it to my local watchmaker. However, it requires replacement gears that he was unable to source. This causes the watch to occasionally slip when you wind it (it then makes a horrendous noise as the gears jam back together not unlike...
  4. Russian watches
    Finally, after a month, I got time to go to the watchmaker to get a strap for my newly acquired Sportivnie. In my dreams I had envisioned a nylon strap, but when I finally arrived at the small jewelry store (not enough time to go to the city..) they didn't have any. So out of the blue I asked...
  5. Russian watches
    Hi, if you take a look at the pictures below, you'll see that the second watch movement has more than just 1M43 written on one of the wheels. I just wondered why they are different? Both are Sportivnie watches, apparently original. I've seen the first variety many times, but not the second...
  6. Russian watches
    Hi, after some consideration I agreed with myself to look for a Sportivnie. Seems like there are quite a bit of them out there, and I wondered what the franken rates were for these? How popular are they? I see on that they come in a large variety dials and hands, so it seems...
1-6 of 6 Results