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  1. Zenith
    Back is Sporto, dial is not marked Sporto, cal. 40T (I think)
  2. Zenith
    Subseconds Sporto, movement ID please?
  3. Zenith
    Hi! I got my eyes on three Zeniths available locally: Late 60s 220s (based on cal 2531?) 34mm case Early 60s Sporto (cal 40) 35mm case Early 60s Zenith Pilot (cal 120) 35mm case The prices on 220s and Sporto are somewhat identical, and Pilot is serviced and about double the price. All steel...
  4. Zenith
    Hello i have recently come in the posession of a wristwatch of my late grandfather and i would like to identify it. It looks old (and i think it's genuine) and i like the design very much and would love to wear it. But i'd like to know what model and year it would be and even aproximately what...
1-4 of 4 Results