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  1. Tweezer Spring Bar Tool - 7825 style

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    Tweezer Spring Bar Tool - 7825 style price 49.99$ include free shipping, For order whatapp +972 548853513 thanks :)
  2. Yet another spring bar question

    I have a SMPO XL (2200.50.00) and I was finally able to locate a gently used OEM rubber strap (98000145) for a decent price but it lacks spring bars. Fom what I've garnered searching the forum, one uses a longer spring bar on the strap than on the bracelet. I was able to find a great deal...
  3. Speedmaster FOIS spring bar

    Hi all, One of my friends recently acquired this watch and wants to change the spring bars. Just want to ask what's the correct omega spring bar for the FOIS. Compared to the pro (20mm), this is a 19mm lug width and by default on leather. Watch...
  4. Quick Release CURVED Springbars?

    Straps & Bracelets
    There is tons of good information and advice on spring bar issues here: But, does anyone know of companies that sell straps with quick release curved spring bars?!? With a favorite dress watch, it would be great if I could swap...
  5. HELP: SEIKO SKX009- Spring Bars Sticking Out After Resize?

    Hi Everyone! Bought my first real watch over the weekend as a first step into this great hobby and went with the infamous SKX009! Today I took my watch to Macys to get the bracelet resized and noticed when I got home that I had a protruding spring bar on the clasp in the micro-adjustment slots...
  6. Thinner spring bar replacement

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement spring bars for the SRP307 / 309 Monsters that are not 2.5mm in diameter but are also not so skinny they slide back and forth in the lug holes and fall out? I hope this makes sense.
  7. Watch Accessories

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    Is there any place in India where you can get quality watch straps and other watch parts (The spring bar, the bar tool, etc)?
  8. Sinn spring bar for a Sinn U1000

    What kind of spring bar comes from the factory with the Sinn U1000 models ? Purchased a Sinn U1000 on here. When I opened the package My dad and myself noticed that the bracelet didn't look right. One of the spring bars as a 20mm the other was a 22mm holding the bracelet in place. You could see...
  9. Nato strap and spring bars

    I was looking to get a NATO (Black/grey stripe) for my Pilot Day/Date watch. I thought i read somewhere that it'd be a wise idea to get new spring bars. Can anyone comment on this? thanks!
  10. How far can a seiko 'fat' spring bar fly?

    Yesterday I was attempting to put a nato strap (22mm) on a seiko 7002, and as per title spring bar launched itself across the kitchen. Has anyone researched the range of these things, do they recoil in the opposite direction when they hit a solid object? Links to good value on line sources would...
  11. Help IDing Orange Monster Spring Bar

    Trying to identify which spring bar I need for my orange monster. It's the one that connects the last link on the diver's extension side. Can anyone hook me up with a part number and a place I can source one?
  12. Wanted: 22mm dive strap in blue that accommodates "fat" spring bars

    Straps & Bracelets
    I bought a rubber strap for my Orient Mako XL, and it's loose on the original, wimpy spring bars. I bought some "fat" spring bars from Crown and Buckle, which are too thick for my strap. What other straps should I consider that accommodate these spring bars? It must be blue, preferable dark...
  13. Orient ray spring bar issues :(

    Hi all just learnt the hard way how poor the spring bars can be on the Orient Ray... :( Was outside and swung my arm spring bar at release clip end came lose and my watch hit the wall and then the concrete with force ... Luckily only the bracelet seems injured considering it landed face...
  14. Question about bracelet pins and spring bars for Ti strap

    Newbie question - have searched but cant seem to find an answer, Are there different pins for the titanium links on the Seamaster straps than the ones for the stainless strap ie. are there Ti specific pins? I have just purchased a 2231.50 on a forum that has no spare links with it and is...
  15. Missing lugpiece or spring cover

    Hi everyone, I have the following problem: I have got a Fortis Flieger automatic, 595.18.158.1, a watch i love. Now i'm missing a part for it. I believe it is called lugpiece or spring cover or someting like that, it's the part that covers the spring in the end of the bracelet. I have been in...
  16. Question about NATO bands and spring bars.

    Straps & Bracelets
    Well I've been thinking it over and the more pictures I see of watches on NATOs, the more I like the look. Furthermore the fact that my SNZG15, Orient Ray and soon to be Maratac Pilot all use 22mm bands makes the switch even more temping as I could have a vast collection of NATOs easily...
  17. Pins / Bars for IWC 3717-04 strap

    Straps & Bracelets
    Hi there, I just bought a new croc strap for my 3717-04. Anyone know spec of pins to buy. I want to use new pins when I change out straps to ensure a safe/secure fit A friend recommended Esslinger but there are so many options and variations on a 21mm pin I'm not sure what to get. Can anyone...
  18. Plastic Buckle Removal Help?

    Casio G-Shock
    My G-Shock came with a plastic buckle. I already have a metal replacement, so I do I get the plastic one off? I am sure that is not held together by a spring bar. I've tried using a screwdriver, a dull knife, and a paper clip to remove it. I even cracked my fingernail trying to remove it. Any...
  19. A few general questions...

    Casio G-Shock
    I have a few questions I would like to ask: 1) If I remove the bezel from the watch, it will still be waterproof, right? 2) How do I clean the screen of the G-Shock (not LCD) of all smudges and debris? I've tried using a microfiber cloth, but some stubborn specks remain. 3) What dull object...
  20. Best Spring Bar Removal Tool?

    Casio G-Shock
    I often use a flathead screwdriver to remove spring bars, but it takes a bit of time. I am thinking to invest in a spring bar removal tool, could anyone recommend me some?