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  1. Straps & Bracelets
    Hello! First of all, I'm sorry if this question was asked before. I tried searching and couldn't find an answer. So..I am looking for springbars with 1.5mm in diameter and 1.1 or 1.2mm ends (fat ends) in 18mm. Do any of you happen to know where can I find those? At this point it seems like an...
  2. Watchmaking, How To's and Technical Resources
    Hey guys, In need of some advice for buying spring bars for my Willard. I have just ordered a new 20m tropic for it (will squeeze in the 19mm lug width) wh can take standard to 2mm thickness spring bars. I’m looking to purchase from CousinsUK but they do not specify the spring bar tip...
  3. Casio G-Shock
    I want to know if anyone has ever used synthetic grease on their lug holes on Casio G-shocks. I've seen images that over a long period of time the friction between the springbar and the lug hole will eat away at the lug hole. This happens with both metal cases and especially resin cases. I would...
  4. Straps & Bracelets
    Just went to change out a fairly new two-piece Zulu and this happened. I would have thought that all springbars are pretty much the same. Not true?
  5. Omega
    I just recently swapped my Speedy over to a Di-Modell Rallye and then happened to read a thread about the different sized springbars for different bands/bracelets. I haven't worn the Speedy since I jiggled the band a little and felt some "play". My question to ask the more knowledgeable people...
  6. Seiko
    I cannot seem to find a definitive answer in my searching... will seiko fat diver springbars fit/work on an SNKH63 (seiko 5 military, 20mm lugs)? I am planning on switching to a Maratac NATO strap and wanted some strong pins for it. thanks in advance...
  7. Public Forum
    We often focus on how tough the springbars are/how big they are/how they are constructed/etc. when considering a watch. It just came to me when I was looking at a strap buckle how thin its pin/springbar is. I then thought it doesn't matter how tough the springbars are when the buckle, or the...
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1-8 of 8 Results