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  1. FS: Sea-Gull Seamaster Blue dial

    eBay Auctions
    Up for auction via my eBay listings... Sea Gull Seamaster Blue Dial Automatic RARE Out of Production Please Read | eBay
  2. SOLD: Sea-Gull, Rare Blue Dial, Dual-time 1401-BK-2846

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Watch is SOLD for the asking price. Many thanks to Dan and to WUS for offering us a place to do this! $120 includes all Paypal and shipping fees for CONUS. USA sale preferred. For non-USA purchase we can discuss additional shipping. Specifications: Sea-Gull in house ST16 movement...
  3. First Chinese Movement - Advice Plz

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    So I've been doing some homework and was all set to pull the trigger on the Parnis (IWC Portuguese Homage)...$65 was the best deal I could find...but the size seemed large at 44mm. Some sites list it at 42? Confused. Moreover, the movement wasn't listed so I hesitate. http://www (Jackson...
  4. FS: Maurice Blum (Sea-Gull movement) rose gold day/night indicator with date.

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Maurice Blum (Sea-Gull movement) rose gold day/night indicator with date. I bought this watch in March of this year. Time to purge my collection after a few incoming watches (some grails I picked up) this one has to go. I like this watch...most people that see this watch like this...
  5. Interesting cheap Sea-Gull arrived, pix + thoughts

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Saw this Sea-Gull on ePay and liked the design, paid about $67+post. It arrived today, so here are some pictures and a little description. There are no model numbers on the case, but the tag on the box says 1401-BK-2846. Despite sellers claim of "dual time" it was pretty clear in the...
  6. about st16 (alpha milsub)

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hi all, I had my milsub for about 6 months now. One thing that used to happen before was that after setting the time and pushing the crown in, the second hand would jump a few seconds. Recently, it stopped doing that i.e. no jump after setting the time. What happened? Also, sometimes I hear a...
  7. Can't leave good enough alone (question on regulating)

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Question to those of you who try to regulate watches that do not have micro adjusters, swan necks etc: do you use any special technique or contraption to nudge the regulator arm? I tried using a pegwood stick (held almost horizontally, parallel to the watch) to gently contact and push the...
  8. James Elsener begs to differ re the CL888

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    As I expected he would :-d Sounds like that spin-job he did on Riedenschild's GEMatic movements when he claimed that the Ruhla cal. 24 was the ancestor of the ETA 2824 o| Show me the 1960s CL-888s and i will believe you, James :roll: