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  1. Chinese Mechanical watches
    I have the below watch (Seagull M308S with ST2528 movement). The watch has a small seconds hand at the 6 o'clock position. When I look closely at the seconds hand on my watch, I can see some choppiness and irregularity in the movement. It is very, very subtle, but visible. It does not...
  2. Public Forum
    Hi WUS, Doing this for the first time, since I myself, struggled researching, having to collate info and opinions from a gazillion sources before making the purchase. With a lot of people, especially in here, shooting them down just cause of 'branding', it become a little unclear for the novice...
  3. Chinese Mechanical watches
    I'm considering removing the rotor from my Parnis Power Reserve to have it as a pure manual wind watch for a number of reasons. 1) it'll reduce the noise of the rotor, 2) it'll give the power reserve feature more of a purpose 3) it'll make the caseback view more interesting to look at...
  4. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello, My name is Andrei. I am from Romania, Europe, and Sea-gulls here are very hard to come by at reasonable prices. I am basically looking for a quality st25 movement, within $50-100 range, in a nicely finished case. Thank you!
  5. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hi there, As I said on the other thread, going to post some pics and feelings of the 219.327. Don't see many of the new dial design models of the St25 here so thought to add one. Ordered through WUS from Kevin and the whole process was hassle-free and had the watch delivered to scandinavia in 2...
  6. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hello forum members, I have recently decided I want to buy a Chinese mechanical (or automatic) watch. I am not interested in a homage but just in having a brand new, not expensive watch which will look good. I am looking for a classic looking timepiece, not a skeleton or tourbillon etc., From...
  7. Chinese Mechanical watches
    I found this Fossil ME1044 at Nordstrom Rack for $69. It seems well made: a very solid, heavy, thick watch. From what I've found out through some obsessive web research which ended up here, it appears to have a Seagull ST25 2502 movement. Does this seem right? If so, any comments about this...
  8. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Does anyone know which Chinese branded watches, I'm thinking Sea-Gull or Alpha here, that have the perpetual calendar complication? I know that the ST25 can run that complication but not sure which watches have it implemented.
1-8 of 8 Results