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  1. What Band Should I Replace This One With?

    Affordable watches
    Hi, I'm new to the whole watch hobby and am very excited to start it. I had just purchased two watches from here (Infantry Pam and Eyki Military). $28 for both! I thought that they were pretty nice watches and a nice starting point to get me going! They should be here Monday! Anyways, The Eyki...
  2. Citizen BM8180-03E or Seiko SNK809?

    Affordable watches
    I wanted to get a good starter watch that I can just grab and go since i'm usually in a rush to get to where I wanna go (school / work). I heard these 2 watches are fantastic, keep good time, and most importantly affordable. If you have any other options in a affordable price range (let's say...
  3. Anyone looking for an android tablet or touch-screen PC? WTT for starter automatic watch

    WTT - Trade Corner
    I may be pushing the rules here. Forgive me if I am. I am looking to start a real watch collection. I have some half decent quartz watches (Bulova, Seiko, etc.) but have always wanted one of the beautiful automatics which I see posted. I've got some nice 7" Android tablet and Windows 7...
  4. Need advice on starter watch! ($400-$600 price range)

    Public Forum
    Hi, I'm a noob. I'd like to get some help starting off. I looked at the WUS list of watch manufacturers and started doing this: o| . All I'm asking if for an experienced watch collector to throw some good watch manufacturers and/or specific models out there that match these specs. Good...
  5. Best "Starter" Watch?

    Affordable watches
    I'm looking for opinions on starter watches. They do not have to be well known but lets try to keep the total around $500 USD and ideally have Sapphire Crystal. Here are two I found that I think are nice even though they are slightly beyond that price. They are both automatics, Christopher Ward...
  6. FS:Invicta 9012a Yachtmaster Great Starter Auto

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    As my collection grows this watch gets less and less wrist time so I thought I would offer it to a good home. I paid $119.00 in March. I will sell it for SOLD shipped to US address - Paypal ONLY. I can provide WUS references and have a 100% seller rating on The Bay under this same ID. Questions...