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  1. Public Forum
    So on the way back from vacation, I bought a few magazines, namely the past two issues of both Motor Trend and Car & Driver. In all of these magazines, there were ads about Stauer watches, but I haven't been able to find any information about them except that a lot of them look gross, and all...
  2. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Ok here is the deal. My neighbor asked me to help him sell a few watches since he knew I was into watches. The first watch up is a Stauer Magnificat. It is both wound and the movement of your hand winds the watch. It actually looks like a nice watch but not my cup of tea. It is near new. It has...
  3. Affordable watches
    Does any one have any experience with the Stauer Gold Fused Verite Watch? Pics attached if you are too lazy to click. I know Stauer have had a bad wrap - but I like the clean look of this watch. The only thing I can find similar is the $20,000 BWaF TB02 which is admittedly more stunning but...
  4. Public Forum
    Hello, I received this watch from a person that passed away. I was told it was given to him years ago and that is all the information I have on it. The links appear to be solid stainless and the watch has a "good" weight to it. The back of the case says Stauer stainless steel case china movt...
  5. Chinese Mechanical watches
    I was just on the Stauer site and just wasting time when I saw they had a Junkers and Luminox in their watch section. Are they just reselling or actually making a replica and putting the name on it? I don't know much about those brands but aren't they trademarked?
  6. Reviews
    My first automatic or even mechanical watch is a Stauer Dashtronic, which I got in January, for $100. Before getting this watch I did a bit of research, and the general feeling I got was that Stauer is a mediocre brand with a big advertising department selling cheaper watches. The Dashtronic...
1-6 of 7 Results