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  1. Vintage Heuer Monnin Quartz stem removal guide

    TAG Heuer
    For those not are sure abut old quartz movement (844 monnin case) the cown position is in when to remove the stem if not you most sourly end up remove dial and hands to reset the framework this apply to ESA AS 536.121 same for CVC and Breitling using this movement hopefully this is useful to...
  2. Removing the stem on a vintage Timex quartz

    Hi, everyone. I'm just getting started learning to clean and repair watches. I bought a vintage Timex off eBay that was not working. I bought a new battery and, when I put it in, the second hands "beats", but doesn't move forward around the dial. I'm trying to figure out how to remove the stem...
  3. Remove stem from Rado golden horse [RESOLVED]

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello, I would like to remove the stem from this 1970s Rado Golden Horse in order to unblock the anchor and clean it ... I tried to push the little button above the stem, but did not succeed. Also pulling out the crown for setting date etc. is very hard. Unfortunately I do not know the movement...
  4. How to remove stem from Seiko with 6139B MVT [RESOLVED]

    Hi, I searched the whole forum, read the FAQs etc, but did not find what I was looking for. Or at least it did not work. I have here a Seiko Speed-Timer with a 6139B movement. And now I want to remove the stems/crowns. Where do I have to press, turn, push ? Thanks for your help !
  5. *cough* *cough* Colibri Question...

    Ok, I know we are talking about a low-cost department store watch here (mine happens to be a no-frills quartz). The history is that even though this watch is the least interesting in my collection and has substantially no real value, it does hold sentimental value to me in that it was my...
  6. Need to Know How to Remove Stem From Accutron 218D

    Hello. I just bought my first Bulova Accutron, a real beauty, a 1965 Bowtie with a 218D. I need to remove the movement to clear out a piece of fiber or lint that is stuck under the crystal and protruding into the watch enough for the second hand to contact it with each revolution. I do not see a...