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  1. SKX Time and Day Set Only Half Works

    Hi folks, I've received a new SKX. I've found that the time changing mechanism for the watch doesn't always engage the first time. Is there a DIY fix for this or should I send the watch to Seiko for a repair? Thanks very much guys. Clément
  2. 6 O' Clock Crown

    Our design has a "vertical" face, taller than wide. "Portrait" mode? ))) We are looking for a quality quartz movement, 3-hand, with its stem at the 6:00 position. So far, we see only the Miyota 5Y30 - 5.5 x 6.75' ' '. Can any of the seasoned folks here suggest another option? Regards, Jay
  3. 2 Pogue or not 2 Pogue

    I hope this is the proper forum for my post. If not, I apologize. Back in the day--when I was not as educated nor discerning when purchasing vintage watches--I bought what I believe is a 6139-6002 Seiko Pogue (I do realize the 6005 is considered the actual Pogue). One of my issues regards what...
  4. Help finding a crown for the 4S15 Alpinist

    Watchmaking, How To's and Technical Resources
    Hi, recently I purchased a broken Alpinist 4S15-6000, I got it working again but the stem is broken and I'm having no luck trying to source a replacement. It is one of those with spring, for the screw down crown, so the part should be the complete stem plus crown. The part number seems to be...
  5. Help replacing asain 6497 stem

    Hello all. Thanks for looking in. I bought a homage watch from WUS F29 last Aug, and I have run into a problem. I tried to wind it this morning, and the stem appears to have an issue now. It no longer winds, set the time and refuses to go back in. It is stuck in the open position. I found on...
  6. Orange Monster's stem has become difficult to pull out

    Affordable watches
    Good Day WUS'ers! I have an Orange Monster that has been running wonderfully without a bit of an issue for the past year, but in the last month I have noticed that the stem is extremely difficult to pull out to set the watch. I can unscrew the crown with no issues, wind the watch with no...
  7. Miyota Quartz Movement - Which is it?

    I am looking for a stem/crown for a Miyota quartz movement (see attached). Why does Miyota seldom write the movement's part number on the movement? Can anyone help? It goes inside a cheap Nelsonic LAX 766 watch.
  8. Formula 1 WAC1110-0 Technical Help

    TAG Heuer
    I was given a Formula 1 WAC 1110-0 watch today that had a rusted stem. It has the ETA F06.111 Movement inside I have found the stem size which is 401-1519. My question is regarding the crown I am not sure what all I need to repair or to fit the stem inside. I believe the stem has broken off...
  9. Requesting advice about Parnis Watches with problems

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hello all- I am new to this forum. I recently, after reading some threads on this forum about Parnis watches, decided to buy two on the web site of Daji Watch company. They had specials on two different watches, a copy of the large Pilot watch with 44 mm case, manual wind, as well as a GMT...
  10. Studebaker Watch help

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    It's partly help with the watch and help with the wife;-) I just spent $300 today getting a grade 227 watch repaired at a local shop, which had a number of highly positive high end watch reviews, but a few things concern me. I was wiping the inside of the case cover, wiping off fingerprints...
  11. Please help! How do I remove crown from my watch? Quartz swiss movement

    Public Forum
    Hello I have a quartz swiss made 5 jewel movement watch and it has a screw down crown. I tried googling and watching youtube videos but still confused about how to remove the crown from my watch? I'm guessing I need a pointy needle to push in one of these holes or do I need to pry up that gold...
  12. Orient Mako CEM75004B 5 months old - Crown and Stem just came off!!

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help / advise ... My Orient Mako's crown / stem came completely off last night while I was trying to adjust the time on it after 2 months usage! No out of ordinary action ... just unscrewed the crown and pulled it out when the whole thing came off! I took it...
  13. Can someone help ID this Crown and stem for replacement

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Had found an older 94' guess watch and felt like repairing it. Uses a japanese movement pretty much this one :Shiojiri Japan VX21 N O s Quartz Watch Movement 1 Jewel | eBay. anyways it was a rusty stem so i took it out and it broke in my hands. is it possible to identifiy it to order the correct...
  14. Seiko SX Repair

    I am attempting to remove the stem/crown of this old Seiko watch I dug up. I want to remove the movement so I can clean a particle of dust under the crystal. Could anyone circle where the pin I need to press down on is? Also, does anyone recognize/know anything about this watch? Thanks.
  15. Stem tap conversion

    I've a lovely negative-set 1903 Elgin size 0s movement in a Philadelphia 20 year gold-filled crown marked case. The movement, of course, does not function. Seems to be a hairspring issue at first blush. I'd like to put the case to use whilst working proper on the movement, which would be well...
  16. Crown and stem removal and replacement on Vantage Watch

    So I purchased a Vantage watch (I know not Hamilton but great style), and promptly opened the back and depressed the release button to disengage the stem and crown. I then placed it in another case (same make and model with less brassing and clean crystal) and now cannot get the stem and crown...
  17. Newbie: new movement in hand, confused about stem

    Okay, so I've got a few movements and cases (and other stuff, hands, etc.). I'm a little unsure how the whole stem business works. I understand "how" to remove the stem that came with the movement via the stem screw. What I'm unsure about is whether I am intended to use the stem that came...
  18. Broken Record

    The watch is coming along, It is due to be finished by the end of May, I will of course put some photos up when it is done. Still struggling desperately with two things... 1. Split Stem It is a front loader and hence needs a split stem. I have my movement, a 2892.A2, I need either a...
  19. Top/ front loaders and split stems

    I am currently wrapped up in the world of designing a watch. It is my first and the more I do, the more I am realising how naive the undertaking was! However I am determined to power through and produce something. Two questions. 1. Top/front loaders... how common are they in modern watch...
  20. Remove stem from AS-5203 movement

    I am hoping someone can help me. I have recently started watch repairs / making as a hobby. My current project is an AS-5203 movement, my problem I don't know how to remove the stem from the movement, can anyone help me please?