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  1. Watchmaking
    Hello, I’m having trouble removing the crown on a vintage citizen. I have tried pushing on the marked spot while pulling the crown and it won’t budge. I know it doesn’t take much force to do it so I don’t know if there is some underlying problem or if I am pressing down on the wrong spot. I...
  2. Watchmaking
    Does anyone have a way to find a stem that is entirely missing? I measured the distance but have had trouble finding the right stem and crown. Its a Hoga Oceanmaster. I did find a photo of the crown. Internally the movement has a small 55 stamped opposite the balance. I will include some pics...
  3. Public Forum
    I bought a Sinn U50 last fall. The stem has three positions. Sometimes when I pull it out for psn 2 or 3 it stops in between, and wont turn anything. Pushing it in and pulling it back out again fixes the situation, but I never experienced this issue with any of my other watches. Is this 1)...
  4. Seiko
    Hey Everyone, First post on watchuseek. Excited for it. I have a Seiko SPB143 and the crown/stem need replacement. The movement is working fine. I went to two watch repair stores and neither could source the parts. Anyone know where I can order it? If I can even order it??
  5. Watchmaking
    Dear community, I have a similar issue (like here: How to remove the crown stem on this Chinese Shuhang... ) but the lever does not move... In position "0" I can see the lever.. if I press it down and pull the crone than it disappears Besides that the clock does not move anymore and I can wind...
  6. Seiko
    HELP. I have a old fulgor with a morioka tokei v259a movement. Anyone know how to remove stem from this movement?. THANKS in advance.
  7. Seiko
    I would like to ask if folks here can give some advice on servicing a Seiko Prosper LX. The original owner purchased the watch from an AD in US in February this year and I bought it from him in the summer. The watch was in mint condition and it came with original box and paper. I enjoy every...
  8. Public Forum
    Hello, and thank you for the add! Newbie here with watch building in general. It's my first time putting together a watch with 2824 clone, and am having issues with stem reinsertion. Before removing, I pulled out the stem to the time setting position (but I have seen on some strings that there...
  9. Chinese Mechanical watches
    I bought one of these which it states has a Seagull movement and I'm trying to figure out how to remove the stem: Any advise would be appreciated.
  10. Dive watches
    Hi all, I have a Seiko V736-7A10, which appears to have no stem seal. Can anyone tell me where the seal should be? Does it sit in the crown or in the stem tube? A drawing would be big help! Best to all, Gerry
  11. Fashion & Designers watches
    Greetings, I have an early 2000s Fossil watch that had the stem removed on accident (long story) I tried to place the stem back by removing the case back and pressing the release. It is secured back in the movement. I can move the hands, adjust the date but the watch will not run. Battery is...
  12. Public Forum
    Hi, I am wondering whether someone here may have the knowledge how to, or a link to a resource that can show me if there is some trick to re-insert the stem into a Miyota movement. I got an older quartz watch that runs on a very common Diamond shape Miyota movement which has text on it...
  13. Seiko
    Hi folks, I've received a new SKX. I've found that the time changing mechanism for the watch doesn't always engage the first time. Is there a DIY fix for this or should I send the watch to Seiko for a repair? Thanks very much guys. Clément
  14. Watchmaking
    Our design has a "vertical" face, taller than wide. "Portrait" mode? ))) We are looking for a quality quartz movement, 3-hand, with its stem at the 6:00 position. So far, we see only the Miyota 5Y30 - 5.5 x 6.75' ' '. Can any of the seasoned folks here suggest another option? Regards, Jay
  15. Seiko
    I hope this is the proper forum for my post. If not, I apologize. Back in the day--when I was not as educated nor discerning when purchasing vintage watches--I bought what I believe is a 6139-6002 Seiko Pogue (I do realize the 6005 is considered the actual Pogue). One of my issues regards what...
  16. Watchmaking, How To's and Technical Resources
    Hi, recently I purchased a broken Alpinist 4S15-6000, I got it working again but the stem is broken and I'm having no luck trying to source a replacement. It is one of those with spring, for the screw down crown, so the part should be the complete stem plus crown. The part number seems to be...
  17. Watchmaking
    Hello all. Thanks for looking in. I bought a homage watch from WUS F29 last Aug, and I have run into a problem. I tried to wind it this morning, and the stem appears to have an issue now. It no longer winds, set the time and refuses to go back in. It is stuck in the open position. I found on...
  18. Affordable watches
    Good Day WUS'ers! I have an Orange Monster that has been running wonderfully without a bit of an issue for the past year, but in the last month I have noticed that the stem is extremely difficult to pull out to set the watch. I can unscrew the crown with no issues, wind the watch with no...
  19. Watchmaking
    I am looking for a stem/crown for a Miyota quartz movement (see attached). Why does Miyota seldom write the movement's part number on the movement? Can anyone help? It goes inside a cheap Nelsonic LAX 766 watch.
  20. TAG Heuer
    I was given a Formula 1 WAC 1110-0 watch today that had a rusted stem. It has the ETA F06.111 Movement inside I have found the stem size which is 401-1519. My question is regarding the crown I am not sure what all I need to repair or to fit the stem inside. I believe the stem has broken off...
1-20 of 46 Results