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    Rolex & Tudor
    My early 2000 Rolex Day-Date 18k yellow gold Style No. R18238810B8385; Serial Number A311326 that I bought new was stolen on Monday of this week. Please keep an eye out for a watch like this and let me know if it pops up so I can alert the authorities. The theft occurred in Maryland. My email is...
  2. Omega SpeedMaster MoonWatch Apollo 11 XI Limited Edition 5848/7969 Serial Number: 77730681

    Stolen Watch Report
    Hi, I recently purchased a beautiful Speedy off Chrono24 from a seller in Bucharest. I asked for extensive images of the watch, images of the paperwork, serial number, seller's drivers license besides the watch, note written besides the watch etc to confirm the seller DOES indeed have the watch...
  3. Stolen Watch Sold On eBay "Looking For Anakin" My Unfortunate First Post

    Stolen Watch Report
    Well, Im ever so sorry to make this my first post on WUS but hello FullyWound ( / Here Long Time Lurker First Time Poster! Wanted Dead Or Alive! Anakin Stolen. November 25, 2017 FullyWound A few months ago i received a parcel of...
  4. Stolen Jaeger LeCoultre Memovo Master Compressor - Australia

    Stolen Watch Report
    Hi All, Please stay on the lookout for this Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Memovox. It was scammed off me last week in Sydney Australia, full set serial number 0770, watch reference Q1708170.
  5. Stolen Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Chronograph 2 - Hong Kong

    Stolen Watch Report
    Hi all! I lost my JLC MCC2 S/N 2825505 in Hong Kong, Central area, I was carrying on my pocket :/ if anyone finds it please let me know; I can give a good reward, or if it appears in a second hand shop I could try to buy it back. Thanks a lot!

    Stolen Watch Report
    I shipped my NOMOS Timeless Midnight Orion Limited Edition #5/75 to the NOMOS service center in New York last Friday, for a minor rate regulation so it would gain instead of lose time on average. I used a pre-paid FedEx label from Dan at Timeless Luxury Watches. Unfortunately, on Tuesday a...
  7. Stolen Omega Seamaster Watch No. 91144514

    Stolen Watch Report
    Hi All, My Omega SMP 300m Bond Black Quartz on a black Omega rubber band was stolen from my hotel room in Paris. They got into my room and broke open my bag. I lost this end of July and have been talking to the hotel to try and find out if they had any recourse. I have the serial number and...
  8. Stolen Omega Seamaster

    Hi All, My Omega SMP 300m Bond Black Quartz (Watch No. 91144514) on a black Omega rubber band was stolen from my hotel room in Paris. They got into my room and broke open my bag. I lost this end of July and have been talking to the hotel to try and find out if they had any recourse. I have the...
  9. Stolen Rolex in Los Angeles

    Stolen Watch Report
    Just discovered that a cleaning service stole my Rolex. Oyster Perpetual Datejust, 2 tone with jubilee bracelet. Gold face and dials. Case number: 3513107 Offering a reward if found, belonged to my Grandfather so there's tremendous sentimental value. I'm checking craigslist and ebay, but...
  10. Expensive collection Stolen in Amsterdam (AP, Breitling, Blancpain, Panerai etc.)

    Stolen Watch Report
    I'm not sure if somebody posted before about this incident. On februari 26th a 68-year-old guy got robbed of his expensive watch collection. More info (in Dutch): Amsterdam: Overval man (68) in woning aan Bernard Zweerskade | Opsporing Verzocht | AVROTROS Be aware, in case of these watches are...
  11. Would you wear an expensive (for you) watch while traveling? Region-specific poll included!

    Public Forum
    Question is very simple (and relevant to me since I'm going on my first trip outside the U.S. in 15 years this fall): would you wear an expensive watch while traveling? Some terms need to be defined: "Expensive" = "I would be very upset if it were stolen". I wouldn't be "very upset" if my...
  12. FOUND Zenith Chronomaster (movement: 116562, chronometer: 09986) stolen FOUND

    Stolen Watch Report
    Dear Fellow Members! Let me warn you, that the following watch is stolen: Zenith Chronomaster (movement number: 116562, chronometer number: 09986). The papers on the pictures came with the watch (movement number: 116482, chronometer number: 10309). The tachymeter scale is damaged between 80 and...
  13. Stolen OMEGA Seamaster Chrono ‘London 2012’ - Watch Number 78496929

    Stolen Watch Report
    Stainless steel bracelet, light blue background, has ‘London 2012’ logo on back. Disappeared at Carter Leisure gym in Clitheroe on Wednesday 29th April 2015. Large reward to anyone who can return it or help us find it. Phone Chris on 07507 565781.

    Public Forum
    I tried to use the search for this problem since I'm sure I'm not the first this has happened to, but the word "mail" is in my searches so all the results are about RECEIVING watches in the mail, which is unfortunately the opposite of my dilemma. My watch was stolen from the mail. When I moved...
  15. Stolen Breitling Montbrilliant 01 watch

    Stolen Watch Report
    My husbands Montbrilliant 01 Breitling watch has been stolen. Serial number AB013012/G709 Please contact if found or someone is trying to sell to you! police know, I have logged it with safer Anyone else??
  16. IMPORTANT: A Soviet Watch Collection Stolen in Moscow (OCTOBER 2014)

    Russian watches
    Hey Guys, I knew that this day will come and I will finally post all of my watches. But I didn't know that it would come that soon! Basically my whole collection was stolen on Monday around 9PM from the house in the suburbs of Moscow. I have never shown it to anyone except one respectable WUS...
  17. Stolen - Omega Seamaster Black dial

    Stolen Watch Report
    Stolen in a home burglary in Manchester Thu 13th Feb 2013. :-( Ref: 22645000 Watch: 90016532 Greater Manchester Police Ref: 22899 B/14 Any sightings please inform GMP on 101 or contact myself by email, many thanks.
  18. Missing 321 Speedmaster. Please help!!!

    Hi, I own a 65 'Ed White' Omega Speedmaster: ST 105 003-65, Movement 2544795, which I inherited from my father, who bought it new. I took it to a local watch and clock shop, Galasso's, in Hamden CT to have the crystal replaced (I also supplied the new crystal). I got a phone call from the guy...
  19. 6 Omega Watches Stolen, Please report when you see them for sell on web

    Stolen Watch Report
    Stolen out of a car on early morning of Dec 24th. Location was in London UK. List of the watches are Bag No. Ref No. Serial No. 5364 2254-50 80187401 5365 2598-20 48622531 5366 2532-80 60474082 5367 2231-50 80134559 5370 3510-50 53475355 5373 3510-50 56996628 If...
  20. How to discern authenticity & stolen-status of pre-owned watch (JLC)

    Hi All, I recently bought a pre-owned Jaeger LeCoultre Grande Reverso GMT and am trying to figure out 2 things: 1) Is it and all of its parts authentic 2) Is it flagged as stolen I bought it on an online auction site and the watch came with the box and papers dated from 2006. I did some...