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  1. casio gw-2500b malfunctioning

    Casio G-Shock
    My gw-2500b is randomly stop working: the hands stop, displays are both death, buttons are useless. I must mention that battery level is high. After some time (hours) it suddenly came back indicating NY hour. Any idea about this problem? Thanks.
  2. Weird issues with brand new speedmaster 1863 stopping.

    Hi All Ive just purchased a brand new speedmaster (new large box with goodies) with the 1863 movement. I pulled it out of the box, admired it for a minute then fully wound it until i felt resistance. As i was watching the escapement beat away i noticed it slow down and stop, as if the main...
  3. Omega Seamaster 471 stopping randomly

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi vintage forum, I recently purchased a used and refurbished omega seamaster 471 off the bay (where I am, there aren't any decent dealers who can part with anything swiss for less than $2K). The problem started less than 48 hours on the wrist and the watch has stopped twice randomly only to...
  4. Aquaracer Stopped Working

    TAG Heuer
    So I usually don't go out on the weekend anymore since my son was born. Therefore, I really don't wear my watch (WAN2110) much on Saturday or Sunday. This has caused the watch to stop usually by Sunday night or early Monday morning making me have to wind it again. I'm trying to wear the watch...
  5. Blue Bond Bites the Dust

    Yesterday morning I was on my way to a play in Stratford, and it seemed like I was making really good time when I checked my Omega Seamaster Professional. Well, the watch had stopped! I had been keeping it in a watch winder so it would be ready to go. But it wasn't going. After stopping...
  6. Just Joined the Stopped PO Club!

    I asked my wife to check two Omegas in a watchwinder at home . . . being as I'm about 7,000 miles away right now! The Seamaster 007 LE was doing just fine. The Quantum of Solace Planet Ocean had stopped! She's taking it to the Omega service center as I type this! We will hopefully get to the...
  7. Chrono Avenger Problems

    Hi, I am looking for advice, my better half bought me a Breitling chrono avenger for xmas 4 years ago this year. after just over a year and a half it started losing time, a couple of minutes every couple of days so i sent it back to breitling for a repair which was under warranty, it worked...