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  1. affordable watch storage recommendations?

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Hi, all! I'm looking for an affordable watch storage solution to house about 12 watches, preferably one that doesn't take up a lot of space and is aesthetically pleasing. If anyone has any recommendations, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Need watch box with generous storage

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Hi all, I'm looking for a watch box that has ample storage--most of the boxes have very limited or no storage, except the Wolf model that has no display. I have 8 automatic watches, a handful of quartz watches, and way too many straps and tools. I want to invest in a box that will display the...
  3. WOLF Roadster Single Watch Winder w/Storage

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Selling my WOLF Roadster Single Watch Winder w/Storage. This is model #457156. MSRP is $499 while is selling it for $278. Come with key to lock storage top and AC power adapter. Accepts D-cell batteries as well. Unit operates flawlessly. The pictures tell the story, its in great...
  4. How do you store/keep your Seikos?

    I am looking for ideas on how to store my watches (don't have to be Seikos, however, Seiko owners are all so good with advice and ideas I thought I might as well pose this question to this audience). I have about 7-10 watches and I could use a more convenient way to store them so they are easy...
  5. Scatola del Tempo watch storage box

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Scatola Del Tempo Watch Storage Case, 816F. Dark chocolate brown, looks almost black. Sat in a safe with a few watches, looks new. Comes with the original box. $450 shipped ConUS Scatola Del Tempo by nickm3471 | Photobucket
  6. FS: Canvas Watch Roll

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Hey guys, I'm selling my handmade canvas watch rolls. I initially made one for my own watches because I always found a hard time to get a hold of a similar concept for a reasonable price. I make these myself and now that I have a few months of free time, I've been making more. They do vary...
  7. Watch Storage Question. Any suggestions greatly appreciated

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Good Afternoon folks! I have an ever-growing collection of better watches along with some mid-range options and even some real beaters. I just can't seem to sell any of them as I acquire more. The problem is that as my collection has exceeded 20 pieces, throwing them in a drawer, or even...
  8. chrisek's latest acquitistions. Not watches?????

    Casio G-Shock
    The latest pieces of my collection are not G's themselves, but storage to hold them! :think: Long overdue, I need a more organized way to store my G's. So I got 2 Pelican 1495's. Setup, they each store 32 watches. While not my entire collection, it has made a huge difference so far as I...
  9. Two different travel cases

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Both leather, one has a roll and is round, the other has three compartments and is more square. which one do you like best?
  10. Suitcase for watches

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    I've been looking for the smallest, padded space to hold my watch collection in instances where I'd like them in a hotel room-sized safe short-term. It arrived today and is of nicer quality than I'd expected for $73. Dimensions: 14" x 12" x 4". I thought others in similar situation might find...
  11. Storing a quartz watch for several months -

    High Accuracy Quartz watches
    OK, I'll admit it: I'm thinking a getting a quartz watch (Junkers) because I like the styling and the relatively low price. However, I will be wearing it only a few times a year. Is it advisable to remove the battery during that time - or disengage the movement? Thank you in advance.
  12. Make your own Peli watch case ..

    TAG Heuer
    Been meaning to get round to making up a case to store my watches for a while now, and thought that I would share with you all how I got on. The case I used is a Peli Storm iM2050 which i found to be ideal for storing 8 watches and the best option based on the dimensions for depth compared to...
  13. Watch Storage/Display cases

    Casio G-Shock
    Apologies if this is (yet another) repeat of a regular topic - I run a non-watch forum and know topics come around again and again, irritating long-standing members each time. And I'm posting here because I'm thinking we have potential problems not encountered with some other brands i.e. size...
  14. Show us where you're watches sleep at night :)

    Public Forum
    I have been a follower of the forums for a couple of years now and I just thought it would be a good time to start participating. This is my very first thread so please be gentle :-) A few months ago I had a flash of boredom and started to think of ways to spice up my modest watch collection. I...
  15. Flat storage ? tired of pillows

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    I have a few watches in my collection, and all i see are "pillow" type storage. it seems inefficient to take off your watch just to put it back on a little pillow.... i also think watches look better when laid flat. so does anyone know of flat-type storage? iv'e done quite a bit of looking...
  16. Acetimer 8 watch winder review

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    I recently sprung for a big watch winder / presentation / storage box. I wanted to have most of my watches in one spot instead of having them spread around the house in different rooms on different winders and different boxes. The desire to concentrate most watches came out of a concern for...
  17. Getting My Rolex Back to Daily Wear from Storage...couple of questions...

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hello. I have been through a few location moves so my Sub (purchased new in 2003) has been in a safety deposit box for a couple years. Picked it up today and noticed that it seems to wind and keep time well (a quick glance but need to wear for a few days). However, when I use the crown to wind...
  18. FS - Leather Fossil Watch Box - $25

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hello All, The inevitable happened, I outgrew my watch box. So up for sale is my old watch box (only a few months old- you guys did a good job of helping me fill it up quickly :-d). Asking $20 + shipping CONUS. The box is a Fossil brand box, purchased from the Fossil Store in Wrentham, MA...
  19. My collection of Diver's and ABC's

    Digital & ABC watches
    Hi all, Just thought I would show you a couple of pics of my collection of watches. I have been looking for a nice watch storage case for all my watches. I was not looking for some fancy walnut/oak glossy rolex abode type of case that costs $300 (It would look silly with my cheap watch...
  20. (OT) Affordable collectors box/ case

    Hi guys, probably shouldn't be posting this here but Ive been searching for an affordable (sub 50 dollar) watch box or pseudo brief-case to display my meagre collection of 10 watches for a long time. The only ones i can find are on ebay and come with hefty shipping costs. I would appreciate if...