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    Have You ever embarrassed yourself at an AD or a watchmaker's? A while ago I needed my bracelet resized so I took it to a watchmaker. They needed me to try it on and I was so anxious I couldn't open the clasp. The stares didn't help. Lets hear You'r stories!
  2. Public Forum
    I know there's probably a lot of posts like this, but I'm interested to hear of other stories of members and their first "special" watch. For some it may be a dime store timex with significant meaning for them, others it may be that first luxury watch they were able to purchase when they got...
  3. Affordable watches
    Have you ever followed an auction for a week and then forgot to snipe it at the last moment? Have you pined for your grail only to see it sell out and skyrocket in value due to scarcity? I want to hear your F71 watch enthusiast fish stories! Tell me a tale of the one that got away!
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    Like many of you, I believe a watch is a lot more than an anachronic time-telling contraption. A watch is a memory bank, a story, a symbol. When I was 15, my dad gave me my first "real" watch, a TAG Heuer 2000. Nineteen years later, it's been all over the world with me: into many rain forests...
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    I got my first automatic about a year ago and just flipped it because I was ready for a new style. I got my money back (~$500), but now that it's gone it is very missed. Though not as fancy as a lot of watches on here, it was a great watch! I have memories of just staring in awe at it. It was up...
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    Hey, all! I am a college freshman that just bought my first luxury watch – an Omega SMP. I had some music equipment I never used, so I sold it and put the money towards the watch. It is in the mail, and I should have it in about 5 days. I'm incredibly excited. So, I figured I would...
  7. Casio G-Shock
    I posted this on another thread. It got me thinking. (ouch!) What is your story behind each (or some) (or most) of your watches? Rules: One sentence (approximately), what is the story. I'll start... What do you mean 'just a watch'? That is heresy! No such thing. I'll not believe it...
1-7 of 8 Results