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    Wow. I recently bought a Watch with MSRP of $2500, and that was my FIRST real watch of my life. Considering that in my life I've worn only like one watch before that is a digital G-Shock one, I think this is like a huge leap for me. Buying a super expensive watch (for me, considering I'm just...
  2. Public Forum
    Ok, so we all like watches (or else what are you doing reading this?), but I just thought: "I have seen some horrendous examples of wholly unnecessary watches/clocks." Now, I'm not talking about merely redundant watches, I'm talking about watches where there is absolutely no need to have a...
  3. TAG Heuer
    I just picked up a carrera cv2010. The manual says to wind the watch with the crown in position 1. The diagram in the manual seems to show that the crown has positions 0, 1, 2, and 3. It seems like my crown has 3 positions. 0, which is pushed in all the way. Position 2, the quick date adjust...
1-3 of 3 Results