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  1. Fashion Feature: The Gentleman's Guide To Belts

    Luxury & Lifestyle
    Belts are a necessity for almost all attires. From the casual outfit for Friday to the formal wear for Monday, belts are a must for all gentlemen. Apart from their functionality, belts are also considered to be a fashion statement and finishing piece to any look. It offers a contrast between the...
  2. Watch Inspired Men's Outfits

    Public Forum
    Hey all, I found an interest in men's style through wrist watches, and think they're pretty intrinsically linked (even if we don't always consider it). I've also seen a lot of menswear sites put together 'occasion inspired outfit' compilations, and thought it would be fun to try it out...
  3. REDUCED FSOT: Rotary GS02424/21 Vintage Style Watch

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hi there, This is a catch and release, so it's in a brand new condition. I just removed films to check dial/case back, and tried on another strap. Return cost to UK is way to much. Brand Name: Rotary Model number: GS02424/21 Case Diameter: 38 mm Case Thickness: 8 mm Lug Width: 20 mm Band...
  4. The hands of an F.P. Journe on a Seiko budget . . . . .

    Public Forum
    Aesthetically I am enamored with the elegant and purposeful hands found on most F.P. Journe pieces. Similar to this or Beautiful. Are there any watches that have similarly replicated these hands? Particularly more affordable pieces? Any suggestions? Not looking for replica watches, but...
  5. Hong Kong Watch Fair: Tacs Watches

    News from the Watch Industry
    From rows upon rows of mainly Chinese and few international watch companies, it was becoming hard to distinguish between an original design and or original theme – until we came upon the display of Tacs watches.  It got our attention immediately with a completely different approach to not only...
  6. Help, it's time for an upgrade!

    Affordable watches
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and in need of some ideas. I'm in the process of selling a watch that I've had sitting for a long time and would like to upgrade to something more my style. It is a vintage watch and simply not my type. I'm a graphic designer, but very hands on within the...
  7. Affordable Soviet Chronographs

    Russian watches
    I'm hoping the experts here can help guide me to affordable models of Soviet-era chronographs. Some more specific notes: Necessity? Paul Newman wore a Rolex Daytona, and astronauts wear them (Seikos, right?), so it seems to me that it's an essential element of a watch collection, especially to...
  8. Looking for the Chronograph Trend Explanation

    Affordable watches
    Hi, This is a question that I have no answer for, maybe some guys here can comment. Nowadays, I see everyone with chronographs. From ladies with their Michael Kors to gents with their XYZ brands too. I just don't understand why really. When I'm at the office, at class, at the mall or...
  9. Does anyone know the brand of this watch? Is it in style?

    Public Forum
    My father gave me this watch and seems like it would have been from the 1980's. No where on the watch does it even hint at what the brand could be. It was appraised at approx. $3000, so if the price helps at all that's what the jeweler told us. This watch is also quite small as I'm sure you can...
  10. A Question of Style...

    Straps & Bracelets
    I sure hope this becomes a 'sticky' some day... Why I advocate that straps be attached to wrist-watches with the buckle end at the '6' rather than at the customary '12'. Briefly... With the buckle end at the '6' ,when the wearer twists their wrist to read the time, the signed buckle, is...
  11. Panerai style ladies dive watches?

    Public Forum
    Looking for a Panerai style ladies dive watch for my wife. The ladies Panerai dive watch is too pricey for me... she's not worth that much ;-) Is there any companies making affordable vintage style dive watches? Thanks
  12. I'm looking for something similar in style...any idea?

    Public Forum
    (photo by Filippo Foria) This is a vintage Juvenia watch. I really like the size, simplicity, elegance and style. Can you name similar watches?
  13. Watch Strap Etiquette

    Straps & Bracelets
    I've received numerous challenges to the policy that we in my studio, follow in orienting watch straps for photographs. As a matter of fact the trend that follows was only recently instated by me about a year ago. All comments are, of course, welcome! This brief discusses my reasoning for...
  14. seiko Super Space Style 2000 Date STUMPED

    OK GOT THIS SEIKO,.... I do not usually go for seikos but I have only seen 1 of these before. this has a dial made in Hong Kong and a swiss movement, it is a gmt? is this worth restoring for resale or for the watch junk place back in my closet? I do not even have an idea what it is worth non...
  15. Aviator Style needs help !

    High-end watches
    Hi fellow friends. I recently bought this watch out of Ebay (third time I'm buying it) I'd like some help because I like the look of the watch very much, I love the leather strap, I love the dimensions of the watch, I love everything about except it's very cheap. Thus, it breakes easily (this...
  16. What is it with man and wrist watches? I figured it out!

    Luxury & Lifestyle
    What is it with man and wrist watches, some might say its vanity others are just trying to find the illusive perfect time piece for his personality or status. As far as I am aware it does not seem to afflict women. Most man over the age of 20 or say 25 goes through this period of trying to find...
  17. Rolex Datejust Style Automatic (39mm) by Croton - Superb Value!!

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I have a Croton Datejust Homage in excellent condition - worn only a handful of times - available featuring: - White Mother of Pearl Dial - Diamond Hour Markers - Platinum (Rhodium) Plated (I believe bezel and/or bracelet) - Presidential Style Bracelet - Japanese Automatic Movement (lost...
  18. Gift ideas...women's watches

    Affordable watches
    Hey everybody, I've searched the forum and can't find a thread like this so I appoligize if something like this is posted but I can't find it. I'm looking at getting my fiance a nice watch for Christmas. She has always liked the Toy Watch Plasteramic with the white bezel and crystal dot...
  19. WTB Casio DataBank Mondo Style '07 Series (Black)

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Does anybody own this marvelous watch, and want to to sell it? please send pm or post reply. thank you guys!