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  1. Which Vintage Omega would you pick?

    So I have finally saved up enough to get myself an official vintage omega. If you had to pick one out of these 3 choices which would you pick and why or why not? A. B. C. Would love to hear any opinions out there especially on damaged or patina dial watches and what level is acceptable...
  2. Landmaster SBDB015 - Is there something else similar?

    Seiko watch reviews
    Is there a watch out there that has a similar look to the Landmaster but might be slightly smaller (around 45) and shorter? I LOVE the aesthetics of the Landmaster and am willing to spend in that neighborhood if necessary. Just not sure I'm ready to put something that large on my 7.5" wrist...
  3. Domed Day Date dressy, looking for suggestions & advice

    Affordable watches
    Greetings fellow watch enthusiasts, I'm looking for a watch that meets the following criteria: MUST haves: domed crystal (double domed and AR are nice, but will depend on price tag of course) day and date (both) lume 40mm size (can't do 44, and 36 might be too small, so the closer to 40...
  4. Watch suggestions for Collection

    Public Forum
    I have an Omega SMP and a Christopher Ward C60 pro trident and am looking for a third watch. my budget is about £1000 and Im basically looking for anything suiting my collection. any suggestions?
  5. [SOTC] State of the Collection and Looking to Make My First Big Purchase

    Public Forum
    Warning: fairly long Hi everybody, this is a two part post; a State of the Collection and a Future of the Collection if you will. SOTC: (Please note none of the photos are mine, if they're yours and you want credit/want it taken down let me know) The first real watch I got was a used Tag...
  6. Please help me find my first watch. Ronin Rotomatic MK ii or a $400 Sinn 556i equivalent.

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I have been looking for a watch for a couple weeks and have it narrowed down to a Sinn 556i, which I cannot really afford. The Ronin Rotomatic MK II is my compromise. I would buy a Sinn 556i for $400, but I realize that is extremely unreasonable. So Ronin Rotomatic it is. I am open to...
  7. Any watch suggestions?

    Public Forum
    I'm looking to start a watch collection. I'm interested in a few watches, but would like to get some more suggestions. I like watches with a black face and no chrono. The watches I found that I like so far are: Panerai Luminor Marina- Black dial/leather or stainless strap Rolex sub/gmt- Black...
  8. New Watch Suggestions !!

    Affordable watches
    Hey all ! I've been a lurker for a while, I finally decided to create an account since I'm looking to get a christmas/early birthday gift for myself. I already own a few Quartz watches (Citizen's, TX, Michael Kors, nothing extremely fancy). So now i'm starting to consider a more classy/dressy...
  9. Sports watch suggestions????

    Affordable watches
    Hello Wus, So for the past few weeks now I've been searching high and low for a sport watch that suits me. Basically I'm looking for a beater that will work for fishing, kayaking, and biking etc. . I'm not looking for a G-SHOCK since I already got one. I'm also not looking for any divers. I...
  10. Looking for a new watch - Suggestions Please

    Public Forum
    Hi all, I've just started seriously working on my collection. I already own a Fossil Twist ME1098. I have come to understand that for some reason that Fossil watches aren't exactly respected among WISes, but to be fair, it has served me pretty good, never having broken down in the three years...
  11. Breytenbach

    Public Forum
    Any thoughts on Breytenbach watches? I found some really cheap automatic movement watches on Amazon, maybe a little too cheap...
  12. [Need suggestions] Broke my favorite watch, and I'd like to replace it.

    Affordable watches
    So I broke my Waltham manual wind while dancing believe it or not (I don't dance very often) the crystal popped off and I bent a hand. I'd like to replace it with a similar watch. The biggest criteria I'd like to keep would be: -small (under 39mm) -white dial -domed crystal (preferable, not...
  13. Suggestions for Similar Ladies Watches

    Public Forum
    Criteria: ~$10k or less, round case 35mm or smaller, gold/brown accents, manual/automatic, clear sapphire case back. Thanks! Breguet 8067ba/52/964 Blancpain 6102-3642-55
  14. Are G-Shocks dressy?

    Public Forum
    Hey everyone quick question: I currently own G-Shocks,just the normal ones that are around $100. I was planning on buying a more dressy watch, something silver or gold with a leather strap but I was wondering, can G-Shocks be dressy? Maybe a more expensive model?
  15. Too many watches not enough wrists

    Public Forum
    Hello everyone! I am currently looking for a watch for my 20th birthday. Up to this point all I have worn is G-Shocks and other watches of the same nature and I think it's time for me to get a more appropriate watch that I can wear when I have to dress up for events and also an everyday watch...
  16. Ideas and suggestions for delving into the world of timekeeping for a young professional

    Affordable watches
    Hello dear forum users! I'd like to ask for your assistance in finding me the right timepiece(s). I've come to a point in my life where I'm in the process of slowly graduating my wardrobe towards professionalism and classic gentlemen style, and on that route I've found myself lacking a proper...
  17. Post moved

    Affordable watches
    Sorry I'm new to the forum and I've realized I posted this in the wrong forum and am not sure how to delete the post.
  18. Suggestions for Simple Mechanical watch under $400?

    Affordable watches
    This is my first time looking into mechanical watches after using quartz watches for a long time and this seems like the right forum to get started. I am trying to find an understated, sturdy day-to-day mechanical (automatic or manual) men's watch with date function for any occasion that does...
  19. Should I try to find a watch under $500 or go for the glorious Max Bill?

    Affordable watches
    Hello! I'm brand new here and feeling out of place because this beautiful world of watches is rather new to me. I would truly appreciate your help! My boyfriend is currently shopping for an engagement ring for me, and I don't want to be left out! I would like to get him an "engagement watch" to...
  20. Help a lady out! (Male watch suggestions)

    Affordable watches
    First time post, but I've been stalking these forums for about a week now! (Thank you for all the detailed reviews!) Here's my dilema: I want to purchase a watch for that special someone in my life but I have a really REALLY rough idea of where to start. I know it will need to be an automatic...