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super illuminator

  1. Casio MTD 1054 Super Illuminator Show&Tell

    Hi all My show&tell on my Casio MTD 1054 Super Illuminator. Please let me have any comments or thoughts you might have on the show & Tell or the watch itself. Enjoy
  2. Is there another Super Illuminator like the Casio MDV102?

    Affordable watches
    So, we all know that the (now discontinued) Casio MDV102 had that wonderful dual-LED light which could light up most of a room. I had one of those lovely little watches, but I gave it away and now I miss it. Are there other watches out there like the MDV102 which could also double as an...
  3. FS: CASIO Marlin Diver MDV102 Super Illuminator

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale is a Casio Super Illuminator. If you do a search, you will find it's a famous sub-50 watch with 200m water resistance and 2 super bright LED at 12 and 6 position which is used to compensate Casio's famous non-so-bright lume. I believe crystal is scratch free before I put the protective...
  4. Casio Super Illuminator Mdv102-7a, white dial

    Affordable watches
    After seeing various threads on this watch in black, I finally decided to pull the trigger. I opted for the white dialed version, since most of my watches have black dials. I bought mine on [email protected] about a while back but I've been traveling so I just got it. Seems like they no longer carry the...