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  1. Public Forum
    The story is the Jack Turner watch I bought from Amazon was missing the spring bar tool and the latch on the box was missing. No big deal and Amazon gave me a credit. So I emailed Jack Turner and told them. They quickly offered to send replacement box and tool. I told them I did not need the box...
  2. Public Forum
    Clearly Yema have been experiencing a resurrection the past few years. With a great back-catalogue, as well as a historic name, they do sell quite a few of watches (mainly among enthusiasts). Unfortunately, they seem to be there for a quick buck and I feel they do not care at all about either...
  3. Suunto
    I ordered a Suunto Ambit 2 Sapphire (hr) from Suunto's website on 27th of November and they charged me in full for my order. Than on 30th, I received a mail saying the product has been shipped. The package arrived on 3rd of december to its destination in Washington. At that point I checked my...
  4. Suunto
    This is the very first time I called Suunto support line. The number I called was on the back of the instruction manual for USA: 855-258-0900 (toll free). As soon as the phone started to ring on the other side, a live person answered the phone within 5 seconds! No holding music, no recording, no...
  5. Breitling
    Is there a site where you can download Breitling user manuals? I looked at, but can't make their @#$%^& flash crap navigate in Firefox. I recently acquired an Intruder, but it didn't come with the book.
1-6 of 7 Results