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  1. Omega 'Stuff'

    A bit of fun... What Omega branded 'stuff' do you own or have you seen that is not a watch. :-) It can be boxes, magazines, advertising, buildings, official accessories, whatever... EXCEPT A WATCH. Post some pics - tell us where you got/saw it.
  2. What is it called when you buy a luxury item and they send you extra goodies?

    Luxury & Lifestyle
    I'm talking about how if you buy an for example, an Omega, from a boutique, they might also give you a hat, magazine subscription, cigar lighter, event invitation etc etc. Most people on the internet just call it swag, but I seriously doubt that's the official word. Is it something more simple...
  3. Look what he wore to a Soup Kitchen!

    Public Forum
    Challenge Accepted. Imagine you were forced (or for some weird altruistic reason volunteered willingly) to serve food to the homeless in a Soup Kitchen. The Media (useless as they be) will be there taking pictures and it might appear on the front page. What watch would you wear?|>
  4. Rolex And/Or Tudor Swag

    Rolex & Tudor
    I don't own a Rolex or a Tudor yet, but hopefully will own one soon. Also, Did try to search for a thread like this but wasn't able to find one... Does anyone have any Rolex or Tudor Swag? Rolex or Tudor Branded Accessories? Promotional? Baselworld? Gifts from an AD? Non-Watch related...
  5. SHOW OFF YOUR BREITLING COLLECTION! Watches, SWAG, Clocks, signs, planes whatever you got

    I 'm open for trades on one of the 2 clocks in the back! Couple of the clocks do not have AA's in them.
  6. SOLD: BALL Watch Cap - baseball hat

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    SOLD - SOLD - SOLD BALL Watches cap/hat Brand new, never worn No blemishes or defects Adjustable, one size fits all Rich hunter green with off-white stitch Guaranteed authentic and genuine I'm a big fan of Ball watches, but I already have one of these caps and don't...
  7. And the winners of Day 15 are ... drum rolls ...

    Watchuseek's 10th Anniversary !
    And the winners are ... rb67 ... unwatched and ... JERSTERCA !!! Congratulations!! Please drop me a PM with your full name, address, size (in case you won a t-shirt) and phonenumber (required for the shipping) and include "Day 15 winner". This thread will now be closed. Please look out for the...