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  1. Sinn watches - Dial changes experience

    Hello Forum, Have any of you ever done (or gotten done) a dial change for your Sinn with original parts from Sinn? does Sinn even sell dials of any color you want for any watch you want? I want to see how possible it would be to change a Sinn T2 blue dial to the black (with original Sinn...
  2. Will any Watchmaker do a Mitsukoshi Dial swap in 2019?

    Hi, I bought a Speedmaster Pro Acrylic in 2017, and I love it. I just bought a Mitsukoshi dial and hands (specific for my 1861 movement), with the intention of paying a watchmaker to do the dial swap. I love the look of the panda dial. The problem: I can't find a good watchmaker who'll do...
  3. Would you sell your first mechanical watch to offset the cost of another watch?

    Public Forum
    Just curious what people's opinions are on this topic. My watch in question isn't anything special, other than being my first mechanical watch. Might be time to part with this one and upgrade to a mechanical chronograph.
  4. Planning Mod with photoshop before purchasing.

    Hello. I'm new so let me introduce myself. I'm Andy. I live in Mexico's Riviera Maya. I'm 47. I've been wanting to do a couple of mods. These will be my firsts. They are more like simple swaps I suppose. The most daring will be the crystal changes. Before I get started with the pieces I have or...
  5. Can't swap bezel on new model Japanese G-Steel?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi everybody. I bought a black resin bezel from PacParts to change things up a little on my GST-w310D-1ajf mid-size G-Steel. The new bezel is from a GST-w300-1ajf. Pacparts had to get it from Japan so it took a while. It came today and, to my disappointment, it looks as though I won't be able to...
  6. 1972 Speedmaster MKII for Tudor Pelegos? [UK]

    WTT - Trade Corner
    Just throwing this out there to see if there's anyone interested. My 1972 Omega Speedmaster MkII with original strap and all links, original T dial, good working condition, no box or papers. Your black Tudor Pelagos with metal strap and links, no box or papers needed. Straight swap. Any...
  7. Module/LCD swap, GW7900 and GR7900

    Casio G-Shock
    So, recently got a GR7900KG-3 off the good ol' bay (sent with a CR1616 inside o|) As soon as I got it, sorted out the buttons not working (grabbed a CTL1616 out of another watch for now) I finally realized this module does NOT have Atomic! So, my situation is this: Take the module from the...
  8. Swapping dials on a breitling ? legit ?

    Hi mates, I have got an interesting question, assuming I have a Breitling (e.g. navitimer, chronomat, etc..) and I don't like the dial color. Is it legit to swap it with a different color genuine dial from the same model ? (e.g. black dial to white dial, etc..) Many thanks, db1
  9. Automatic Movement in Tag Heuer 3000??? Possible?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi all! I picked up a Tag Heuer 3000 200m ref- 937.406 recently.. one of these guys: I want to switch out the quartz for a mechanical movement, auto or manual wind (Tag Heuer or ETA similar to ?) I know its possible I just...
  10. Movement swap on Tag 3000 Professional 200m Help??

    TAG Heuer
    Hello guys, I would really appreciate some advice on a project I want to do, which I will leave to my watchmaker to put together but I need to know if Its possible. I have one of these And...
  11. Tissot Sea touch orange feet to metres swap...

    Dive watches
    Hey guys, I recently bought a orange tissot sea touch whilst abroad in the states, problem being it is feet not metres. Metres is what I normally dive in. im putting it out there if any one is in the same boat, but reversed (you have metre and want feet) and your piece is is new or in a near...
  12. WTB: Black bezel for SKZ323 (Stargate)

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I want to buy an SKZ323 (white Stargate) and slap a black bezel on it. I know Harold,, etc sell them, but I figured I'd try to see if I could find one here in the states. Anyone have something black that will fit the Stargate? Thanks!
  13. Planet Ocean Strap on Speedmaster Pro?

    Will a 20mm, curved-end rubber strap for the Omega Planet Ocean fit onto the Speedmaster Pro (3572.50/3570.50)? I've searched high and low, but can't find an answer! (the keywords aren't helpful!) Anyone with both, care to comment?
  14. Strap Size Help (18mm, 20mm, etc.)?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi guys! I want to swap the straps of my G-Shocks out, but when I look online, they are categorized in millimeters, and I have no idea which strap will fit. Do you know the measurement of the strap (in mm) for the following watches: DW6900 DW5600 GA150 GA110 Thanks!
  15. Grey bezel on Omega PO 2500

    I have a rather noticeable (at least to me!) Scar on my orange bezel. I was thinking of swapping this with the new grey bezel. I checked at the Omega Dubai Boutique and their answer was a firm "NO". Apparently they also checked this with their technician. With the limited faith I have in the...
  16. help changing seastar 1000 chrono strap

    Hello, It was recently my 21st and my mum bought me the tissot seastar chronograph, with a metal bracelet. She managed to get the price down and got the rubber strap for free so i could chop and change. I put the rubber strap on today and tried taking it off, both of which are fine as...
  17. Can I get an entire extra bezel--not just an insert--for my GMT?

    Affordable watches
    Hey all. Debaufre was gracious enough to include to an extra Pepsi bezel for my recent GMT purchase, as they were out of stock on the Pepsi bezel model (the one I really wanted). After searching this forum and others, it's clear that I would have to deal with glue to swap out the inserts. I...
  18. Alpha Miyota Swap

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Afternoon, Forgive me is this topic has been done to death. I have been reading more and mour that the Miyota 8215 movements can easily be swapped in some Alphas. I was interested in getting the Alpha Seamaster, and was wondering if thats one of the models with the Asian variant of the 8215...
  19. Project: Reverse-Buzz Swap!!!

    Casio G-Shock
    In Buzz's thread titled, The Hybrid 5600, he swapped a module 1545 into a DW-5600C case. After looking at his thread, I got inspired. And since he didn't post any pics of this particular swap on his thread, I thought that I would post a few of my own. For this swap, I decided to do the opposite...