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  1. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Worn maybe 1-2 days, but not loving it the way I thought I would. Box, papers, everything included. It's basically a new watch. $450 net to me via PayPal, shipped to continental US or in-person delivery near Philadelphia.
    $450 USD
  2. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I built this custom Swatch New Gent as a way to get back with all the Tiffany Blue craziness. In this configuration this watch is unique. It has two straps and runs like it should. The New Gent comes in the desirable 41mm size so there's plenty of wrist presence without overpowering your...
    $100 USD
  3. Public Forum
    DISCLAIMER : I'M NOT ENCOURAGING THE PURCHASE OF REPLICA WATCHES, JUST WANT TO DISCUSS THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS Howdy, It's been a few months since the moonswatch release, and I thought I'd finally get one after the hype died down. I went to swatch's geneva store in order to see and handle...
  4. Public Forum
    Today, after the long six months of impatient waiting, I finally collected my Breguet Type XXI from the Swatch Group service center. When I dropped it off I was promised (or rather indicated) 16-20 weeks or maybe earlier for the full service, yet it extended up until today. My first ‘serious’...
  5. Public Forum
    During the month of March, Omega and Swatch began teasing a top-secret project. All the way until mid-March, they ran full-page ads in The New York Times with taglines like "It's time to change your Swatch" or "It's time to change your Omega," with no one knowing what it meant. This was when the...
  6. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Omega X Swatch Bioceramic Speedmaster Moonswatch Mission to the Moon. New and in the original box with all the cards and paperwork, taken out to try on. Everything included. Will make a great daily wearer, or a piece for your collection. I tried photographing in different light settings to show...
    $575 USD
  7. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    You all know what this is. Probably the best price online. Brand new, unworn Mission to Jupiter MoonSwatch. International Warranty and all boxes, papers included. Only opened the box to take pictures. Shipping at actuals. Contact for quote based on location. Paypal for established members...
    $450 USD
  8. Omega
    Speedmaster sales increase 50% in the wake of the MoonSwatch launch Looks like all the prognosticators looking to write Omega’s obituary a few months back may have jumped the gun. 😬😂
  9. Public Forum
    Apologies if I should have posted this in the Hamilton forum. I sent my Hamilton Khaki King auto off to Swatch for a "Complete service, Mechanical 2-3 hands" around 8 weeks ago - this was £170. When they recieved it, they noted the following - Presence of light...
  10. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    This is the limited edition Q watch with red accents that sold out in minutes and will never be available again. Full kit, as shown. I will also throw in for no charge the bracelet, a $100 addition, because the strap, while in great shape, you can tell is on the cheap side. Looks great, some...
    $200 USD
  11. Public Forum
    My Seamaster recently stopped running and I contacted Omega through their website and they agreed to send me a parcel for me to ship the watch back to them. When the parcel arrived, the service booklet was printed (badly) on A4 paper that was folded in half plus the Omega service form that was...
  12. Public Forum
    I've read mixed things about Swatch stores being restocked with the MoonSwatch, either they have never restocked since the drop or they restock without any warning. Anyone been able to get one in store since the initial release? I'll be near a Swatch store this weekend and wanted to know if it...
  13. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Brand New in the box Omega x Swatch Mission to Earth. $500 shipped via USPS 2 day priority mail in the United States. Plenty of references on WUS. Please PM with any questions. Thanks!
    $500 USD
  14. Omega
    Hi guys, first post here. I guess some people don't understand that the Omega x Swatch Speedy is not a limited edition and it ill be available online. What are your thoughts on a 'plastic' watch being on resale for the same price as a real Speedy?
  15. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    WTB Omega x Swatch Mercury and Moon Speedmaster Moonswatch. I wasn't able to make it to the closet store to me and would like both of these in my collection. Only willing to pay Cost + Shipping
    $275 USD
  16. Public Forum
    Hi all! I just went thrifting in LA and scored this old Swatch for $4 at an antiques shop. A new band and voila! Looks brand new! Only problem is, I'm not sure what watch it is. I think it may be some variant of the Jellyfish? The serial number on the dial looks like it says AG1987 and numbers...
  17. Omega
    This is on their instagram reel. It coincides with Europe's DST start I have been told. It maybe a new collab with Swatch. A smart watch? A quartz?
  18. Longines
    Hello all, over a week ago, I sent my LLD to be serviced by the Service Center in Miami. I just received the cost estimate, no surprise there with a very reasonable service cost but the estimated date of completion is June 20th, that's over 3 months! I was hoping to receive the watch before my...
  19. Public Forum
    Perhaps it depends on the model as well. I'm just looking at New Gent / Gent right now, but feel free to confirm with whatever you own. I know Skin ticks every 20 seconds but much more quietly (this was in the store, so I don't know if even Skin would be audible in a quiet room). A few years...
1-20 of 207 Results