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  1. Dive watches
    So what do you guys think is the most important part of a dive watch? Crown, Case, Bracelet, ETC
  2. Suunto
    Hi guys, I recently bought a Suunto Ambit 2 watch. I love it so far but find ti a little buggy, which annoys me a lot. I've gone this morning to do some swimming in the indoors pool and i've recorded the exercise. While swimming i could see how the watch was tracking very well the number of...
  3. Public Forum
    Happy New Year! UK-based, Swiss trained watch designer Jacques Fournier has created and launched his own watch brand inspired by his love of extreme sports. Fournier made the decision to launch his own collection in 2010, and two years later, Wryst Timepieces, the new watch brand, is ready...
  4. Casio G-Shock
    I just got this lovely watch for a great price (60% off) new from a casio retailer. But I was wondering if I could go swimming with it? It says 200m resistant but is it safe? I also cut the band and filed it and looks great thanks to that tutorial. Classic - GWM850-7 | Casio - G-Shock Thanks...
  5. Affordable watches
    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a Panerai homage that I can go swimming with (not diving). I'd like to get something under $200 and I wondered if any exist. From what I gather the best seem to be the getats and jacksons, but they are only rated to 3atm. If there aren't any that fit my criteria, is...
  6. Casio G-Shock
    So much for 200m waterproof - my G-Lide DW-004 couldn't even cope with 2 feet. I've swum with it before, but today I lost the display about 5 minutes in and then condensation misted up the crystal from within. Three hours on and it hasn't recovered, so I'm afraid it might be a gonner. :-(...
1-6 of 6 Results