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  1. Omega logo Symbolism question

    This is from the back of the grey hang tag it seems to be an angel holding a pocket watch and pointing down to the omega symbol, I was wondering if an actual drawing or logo exists of this or is it only on that particular item ? Anyone knows exactly what it refers to ? Thanks for your time
  2. Need Help with this watch

    Public Forum
    I inherited a very fine time piece last summer. I sent it out to get the dial refinished, as the enamel face was flaking away. I was also hoping that the watch restorer could tell me a little information about it to no avail. All I know is that it has an ETA quartz movement that displays...
  3. Which symbols identify a Tudor?

    Rolex & Tudor
    I have a Tudor watch, it says Tudor on the back as well as 17 jewels and swiss made and that is all. It is a ladies watch and is very small. The symbol on the dial is TINY, about 1mm or 1.5mm from top to bottom! It appears to be a circle with a dot sitting on top of a cross. Even with a...