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  1. Tauchmeister size ?!

    Dive watches
    Hello guys and gals. First time poster here, with a bit of a dilemma. Looking for a beater and a diver at the same time, i have the following problem : i have a 7 inch wrist and i was wondering if i can pull of the Tauchmeister 1000m in 52mm guise. Does anyone have that wrist size/ case size...
  2. How to Get a New Look For Summer For a Fraction of the Cost

    News from the Watch Industry
    Spring is waning and summer is almost upon us.  It is time for a new watch? A new look for summer is yours for the asking as online stores are simply bursting with fashion ideas. One of the smartest ways to get the latest look is to see what the designer name brands are doing and then find...
  3. FS: Tauchmeister 46mm Dive Watch

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    Tauchmeister 46mm Dive Watch Quartz movement New Genuine Seiko rubber strap strap size 80-140 Good lume I love this watch but it gets no wrist time anymore. Great daily beater. Case has a couple of very hard to see hairline scratches, the caseback has more small scratches from setting it on...
  4. Automatic Sapphire GMT Diver under $200? (too good to be true?)

    Public Forum
    Hopefully, you guys can educate me? It does seem way too good to be true. Is it? What’s the catch?
  5. Withdrawn: Tauchmeister Auto Pro. Diver Watch 1000m T0047 BRAND NEW

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  6. homage rolex Tauchmeister vs Seiko vs accurist

    Dive watches
    Hi in a bit of a dilemma and needing advise. I am looking to buy a Rolex homage watch as I like the design of the Rolex buy cant afford a Rolex. First of all I am looking at an Alpha. The Orient I will not consider unless I can get the name chandged on the face (bad memories - don't ask...
  7. SOLD: Tauchmeister '1000 Meter' Dive watch - Orange Dial - $60

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hello - I am selling my Tauchmeister 1000 meter dive watch with an orange dial in TZ good condition. This watch is in excellent condition with one exception - the bezel is loose. I was going to just glue it in place, but thought someone here may want a crack at it... The crystal is in...
  8. SOLD: Tauchmeister '1000 meter' Dive watch - poor man's sawtooth - $70

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    Hello - I am selling my Tauchmeister 1000 meter diver's watch in TZ very good condition. The crystal is excellent, with no scratches or scuffs. The case shows very small dings at 10 and 11, with some otherwise small scuffs. Case back has normal wear with no battery change scrapes. Quartz...
  9. *** SOLD *** FS: Tauchmeister 1000m Diver

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    SOLD Up for sale is a brand new Tauchmeister 1000m diver. The watch has never been worn, and comes in the original tin case. The protective plastic is still on the face of this watch. I purchased this watch in June but need to make way for a new piece incoming. I am asking $125 shipped via...
  10. Citizen Two Tone Gold & SS GMT World Time WR200

    Image Gallery
    I didn't know at the time but this was my first Eco-Drive bought in the Bahamas in '95. And from what i have found out its a Rare version of it. The box has AP8122-59P and the watch has cal. B876-H23885 TA on the case back. Anyone know the real Model# ? Here's a Lume shot, Lume is still...
  11. 24 hour watch face color problem?

    24 Hour watches
    I'm looking at 12-on-tops, which seem to be hard to find (especially affordable ones) and noticed this Tauchmeister. Isn't the coloring backwards? Shouldn't the dark be on the 18-24-6 instead, when it would be night time? I would think the coloring should be like the AirNautic below, which...
  12. FSOT: Tauchmeister T008 500m Dive Watch

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    SOLD --- Tauchmeister T008 500m Dive Watch Sold I am selling a Tauchmeister T008 Dive Watch. Limited edition of 250. I ordered this watch in October from Germany and have worn it a couple of times. It comes with International Guarantee Certificate and padded case. Movement Miyota 8215 21J...