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  1. Cheapest reliable online shops for EU buyer?

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    Hi, I am looking for reliable online shops with lowest prices. I am in EU, Lithuania, so a bit afraid of taxes. Yesterday I bought Orient Bambino from CreationWatches. I heard that their packages usually goes around the taxes... and also they have very low prices. But creationwatches have...
  2. About how customs duty work after the initial trip abroad

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    I have a question about customs duty. I am well aware that most people will have to pay some amount of customs duty upon ordering a watch from a different country. However, this is my situation and I wonder what will happen to me - 1. I will order a watch from Germany. It will be shipped to...
  3. Canadian import duties and tariffs--Anyone with experience in this please help

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    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a watch online from Germany. If anyone out there has experiences in what I might have to pay duty/tariff-wise, please help me. Additional Information: I live in Quebec. It's costing 195.80 Euros. In Canadian dollars, the cost should be around $257. It's...
  4. Citizen BT0001-12E/BT0000-07E, taxes etc.

    Hi, Im new at this forum and I was trying to ask these questions from other forums but nobody really provided me with any info. It seems that this would be the right place to ask. So I'm buying my first watch and after months of research I think i found the right one. But it seems those two...