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  1. Technical information of a watch case

    I'm looking for some technical drawings of 20ATM or 30ATM cases. I want to understand how a water resistant case is made and how the seals are made to be effective. Could someone help me with some technical insight on how to design such a case? Also info about how the bezel system works. Second...
  2. Vostok 2414a / 2416b technical Drawings/ Cad Drawings ???

    Russian watches
    Hi Guys Are there any Vostok 2414a / 2416b technical Drawings / Cad Drawings available?? I've done multiple searches on this forum & the internet and I just can't find anything. I was planning on machining my own case and was hoping i didn't need put my vernier calipers anywhere near my shiny...
  3. ETA technical documents HELP!

    Hello all, I have recently started designing a watch dial for the ETA 6498-1 movement using the ETA manufacturing documents on their help portal. I have been having trouble with understanding parts of the technical drawings. I am unsure about the diameter of the watch posts and how long they...
  4. Divers in Portugal

    Dive watches
    Hi Watchuseek, I've been looking around for a place to learn proper diving techniques, and I came across two old timers that teach diving around here, one is in his 70's now and is suposed to be one of the best Portuguese divers, but I haven't been able to find any information about him on the...
  5. National Watch & Clock Museum: Exhibit schedule 2009 - 2012

    Public Forum
    The National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania, just released its exhibit schedule through December of 2012. Actually, I think the flyer I have with details is a pre-release document prepared for donors; so I figure a lot of you may not have seen it yet. The Museum is part of the...