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  1. Certina DS Action Diver in Titanium

    Dive watches
    I'm considering getting a Certina DS Action Diver Titanium in the future. My question is, I've heard and read about titanium being a weak material in terms of scratch resistance as well as threaded crown tubes which supposedly strips easily compared to stainless steel. Direct to the point: 1...
  2. Seamaster clasp and bracelet and crown

    I apologize if this topic has been covered before, but I cant seem to find the info that I want. I am considering getting an Omega Seamaster Pro or PO. I love the look and the style. Here are my questions: 1. How easy is it to micro adjust the Seamaster clasp for a perfect, or near perfect fit...
  3. Ocean One / screw down crown problems

    Hi, Long time reader - first time posting.. I have an 5 month old Vintage Red that`s having some problems with the screw down crown. It just needs approx 1/6 of a turn to lock. (instead of 1,5 turn on my other divers). It is difficult to make the crown enter the threads, I have to struggle a...
  4. A Question About Omega Screw-Down Crowns

    OK . . . here it is: suppose someone picks up a Planet Ocean or Seamaster Professional, and decides to set your watch for you . . . something a loving spouse would do. But the spouse cannot pull out the crown because she doesn't know it is a screw down crown. Now, could the spouse exert...