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  1. G-9000 Mudman with Tide/Moon Screen?

    Casio G-Shock
    My G-9000 Mudman suddenly has two new screens - tide and moon! There's also another function to complete as part of the set-up - longitude. They have appeared after an unintentional battery reset (I had a stuck button and disassembled the watch, and must have reset the battery while playing...
  2. A Tide Watch with a Circular Slide Rule

    Dive watches
    I bought this "mystery" tide watch at a yard sale last week for a buck. The seller said it wouldn't work but what the hey - the culprit in a quartz watch is invariably a dead battery - I was willing invest in a replacement. Besides, I'd never owned a tide watch, we live practically surrounded...
  3. Tide mode numbers meaning?

    Casio G-Shock
    I'm trying to figure out some numbers on the tide mode of my Casio 3134 PAW-1500 Pathfinder watch. When I select the tide mode the display first shows the moon turning, the year at the top, today's date at the bottom, and the tide bar sloshing back and forth. Once it has calculated the tide for...
  4. WANTED Wenger Aquagraph Tide 70837

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hello all! I have been trying to locate and purchase a Wenger Aquagraph Tide, please contact me if you are selling one or know where I can purchase one! Thank!!
  5. FS: Timex Expedition E-Tide, Temp, & Compass

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Selling my Timex Expedition watch I picked up on this forum. It's an awesome tool watch that is in excellent condition. Crystal is scratch free, case is excellent, I can't find any scratches or dings. I've only worn it a few times. It functions as it should. The stock strap is soft with...
  6. The Functions and Accuracy of Tide Watches: A Deeper Look

    Public Forum
    Commercial Content Approved By Ernie Romers, Site Owner. A Deeper Look The Functions and Accuracy of Tide Watches The tides are ever changing and have been since the forming of earth's oceans and the celestial bodies that govern their actions. In fact, ancient cultures once believed the...

    eBay Auctions
    I love this watch, but I am moving away from the Ocean and don't need a tide watch anymore, I would like to sell it and buy something different to add to my collection, thanks! Rip Curl Titanium Ultimate Oceansearch Tide Watch A1001 | eBay
  8. nixon tide watches... what do you think about their quality?

    Public Forum
    I recently picked up a black Nixon The Channel T watch I love the watch, but i have had to re-adjust the tide on numerous occasions. Has anyone else had this problem, or did i just get a bad watch? I purchased it...
  9. OCWM700TBA-1AV 5 Motor Tide Watch

    Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    Oceanus Black OCWM700TBA-1AV 5 Motor Tide Watch - Atomic Time Oceanus OCWM700TBA-1AV 5 Motor Tide Mens Watch is geared toward fashion conscious men with superior style and poise, the new OCWM700 series establishes many firsts for Oceanus such as Multi-Band 5 Atomic Timekeeping for pinpoint...