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  1. Public Forum
    I can’t find any information on this watch. I am wondering how old it is and maybe a website to find out more info. I have not tried to open it to see inside.
  2. Public Forum
    I recently inherited my grandfather's Tiffany & Co. watch, but no documentation was passed down. After further inspection, I realized that it needed to be serviced, so I sent it up to NYC. While there, I requested any information they had about the watch so I could get it properly appraised upon...
  3. Public Forum
    I wanted to ask what anyone or everyone thinks about the Tiffany CT60 series. I have to say that when they first came out I thought they were really nice. But after talking to some of the watch dealers I know they say that they have little to no value. If you look at buying one pre-owned or...
  4. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I am trying to find ANY information about this antique Tiffany pocket watch, made by the Longines Watch Co. Sterling silver case with original Tiffany green pouch.Watch retains its original patina, having never been polished. It appaears to be in fantastic original condition. The Watch measures...
  5. Vintage & Pocket watches
    This watch was won by my FIL's uncle in a card game, and he just passed it down to my husband. My MIL says they once had it examined by an expert who gave it a date of manufacture around 1883. The value of Tiffany & Co. watches seems to have a really wide range, and I'm wondering if someone...
  6. Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    This Tiffany vintage watch is just simply stunning! Dating from the 1950s, the watch is in gleaming condition for a watch of this age, with no significant wear. It features a solid 14ct white gold case set with 30 sparkly, genuine diamonds [more sparkly in reality than photographed], a...
1-7 of 8 Results