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  1. Super tight Seiko bezel - FIXED!

    Dive watches
    Hey gang, I did a search on the forums and couldn't find this exact fix so I thought I'd post it for others having the same issue. I have a Seiko SRPC23J (profile pic) with a *super* tight bezel - so bad that sometimes I can barely turn it 1-2 clicks without friction. It's gotten to the point...
  2. Mounting Tight Fitting Cannon Pinion

    I recently posted a question about a loose fitting cannon pinion. Now I have a question about a tight fitting CP. I've applied what I would consider (in my limited experience) a lot of pressure to mount the CP on the center wheel post to no avail. I'm concerned increasing the pressure will...
  3. My simple little fix for G shock band that won't quite fit

    Casio G-Shock
    I have a few great G-shocks that I bought recently but I have been consistently, slight annoyed with. The best fit I can get with the resin band are: 1. Just slightly too tight, kinda 2. A little bit too loose. Well, I'm sure I'm not the first person to have this issue or to find a...
  4. Tight Orient Mako Bezel

    In purchasing my new Orient Blue Mako I read as much as I could find here at WUS, and on the 'net generally. One of the recurring comments was that the bezel is often, but not always, difficult to turn. Sure enough, when mine arrived the bezel was almost impossible to turn. Since some report...
  5. Tight Winder on Carrera?

    TAG Heuer
    Hi, I have a Tag Carrera Tachy and usually give it a quick wind every now and then. The other day after adjusting the date, the winding mechanism seemed really tight and even sounded a little creaky. I was a little bit concerned so I let the watch wind down to see if it would loosen up...