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  1. Casio World Time (E1200WHD-1A) Bracelet

    Digital & ABC watches
    I recently purchased a Casio E1200WHD-1A and I love the look of the bracelet it comes on but I hate the quality of it. The only problem is the bracelet seems to be fairly unique. It connects to the watch at 18mm but immediately gets larger to something like 24.5mm. Has anyone had any luck...
  2. Seiko 6117-6400 sticking bezel, where to source springs/gears?

    Hello, I have recently acquired a Seiko 6117-6400, from the mid 1970s. The watch is in great condition, but the internally rotating bezel has some issues. It's either a bit grindy when turning, or it will stop turning altogether, the crown spinning freely without moving the internal bezel. A few...
  3. Raketa big zero, adjusting time issue

    Russian watches
    Hello there, here is my thing with my vintage Raketa Big Zero. I got the watch a couple weeks ago from my friend. The watch kept time pretty good, until recently. I play drums occasionally and I had Raketa with me, while I played (I just realized everything right after). What happened, I...
  4. All-Purpose Pebble Thread

    Smart Watches
    Pebble Time Steel This looks really nice to me. 10 day battery, good design, always on screen that I can put a weather app on - more practical for most than a digital ABC. Not bothered by lack of touchscreen, physical buttons have their advantages as home game consoles prove. Pebble Time...
  5. What really is the difference between the Citizen CC9004-51E and the CC9005-58E...?

    For all I can see, they are identical... The CC9005-58E is said to be "limited", while I found no such claim for the CC904-51E. But since I can't find any difference in dial, hands, body or band, nor in any of the feature lists, I'm a bit puzzled. It wouldn't seem to make sense to have the...
  6. How did they know the time before the digital age?

    Public Forum
    Hey, Mechanical watches loose accuracy over time. Now days we turn to the internet or to a reliable digital clock around the house to set our automatics. But how can it be done without the reference of digital time? How did they do it in the good-old’-days when watches were first introduced...
  7. FS: Vintage CustomTime Diver, World Time Bezel

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Case: Original 30MM case in excellent condition. VERY small scratches and chips on bezel Crystal: Original with no scratches, magnifier work great! Dial: Original Grey Dial and hands with excellent lume. Dial is fantastic in the sun! Strap: Will come on black 18 mm nato. lugs are 16mm...
  8. Do watches need to be serviced even when not worn?

    Public Forum
    Out of curiosity, but let's say I bought an automatic watch, put it in its original box and just let it sit in my room for 10+ years. Do I still need to service the watch for overhaul and stuff every few years in this case? Do the watch get any kind of damage over time?
  9. need help to setup atomic time on gw 2310

    Public Forum
    hello guys this is my first time on the forum .i just bought the casio gw 2310.i can not setup the atomic time i selected den as a home.but its not doing anything.i bought it 2nd hand from store(the watch is in almost brand new condition) it is so irritating that i almost decided to test g shock...
  10. How to fix Un-Synchronized double time ? Citizen Nighthawhk

    Hi, the easiest way to explain this is through a photo. As you can see the outer time shows 3:21 but the inner time (red aeroplane) points to 15:00 exactly. There are only two ways I know of setting the times on this watch. 1) pull the crown out one click and only the hour hand will jump one...
  11. Which brand does the most scientific research about time?

    Public Forum
    What I ask is which brand does the most scientific research about time related stuff, has the most laboratories with time instruments, has the largest number of scientists who study time related issues with watches and how to fix them etc...
  12. O1VR Losing Time. Need Opinions Please!!

    I've had my O1VR for almost exactly 2 months and have been using the app "watch tracker" to keep record of how fast/slow the watch runs (see my other posts for screenshots). For the first 6 weeks everything was dead on, I was gaining one second a day. Then, just two weeks ago I noticed the watch...
  13. DAMASKO DA44 Black

    Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    DAMASKO DA44 Black Regular Price: $1,510.00 Special Price: $1,404.30 AUTHORIZED DAMASKO DEALER BRAND NEW
  14. g shock dw6900ms-1 suddenly reset itself???

    Casio G-Shock
    hi all (sorry for bad english) recently i bought a casio g-shock dw6900ms-1 on jan 14. i had a problem with this watch which it suddenly reset itself to 1-1-10 12.00am. this issue has been for few times and this watch was only 1 month old. need your help / advice how to overcome this problem :-s
  15. FS: PHOENIX NATO G10 007 James Bond 2010

    Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    PHOENIX NATO G10 007 James Bond 2010 USD$42.00 BRAND NEW
  16. Casio Edifice EQM M710 Losing Time

    Public Forum
    Hi. I am wondering if anyone can help. I have a Casio Edifice Waveceptor (EQM 710). About 3 months after receiving it, it began losing time. It would lose about 5 minutes every day. I returned it to Casio in Australia and they replaced the module. I received it back but it started doing...
  17. Warning: ............................. is an impostor

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    The true email address of member turningtime is [email protected] ! Don't deal with the one sending you messages using the address!!
  18. FSOT Marathon Stopwatch ST194008 (PRICE LOWERED)

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Selling an unused Marathon Stopwatch Model ST194008 (Mechanical-Windup) From the Marathon site Stopwatch Instantaneous Return Time-Out Glow in the Dark Dial - Marathon Watch Intended use: Military, Great for Dark Room, night or low light conditions Manufactured in accordance with CID...
  19. Aquaracer WAF1010 or WAF1014 Decisions decisions....

    TAG Heuer
    Hi all, I brought a couple of Tags last week the WAF1014 has a black face and turned up on Thursday the WAF1010 has a white face and should turn up tomorrow:-) I could not decide which one I liked the best so brought both, I guess they will have the same movements inside? Has anyone owned...
  20. EMILE CHOURIET Lac Léman Dual Time

    Emile Chouriet returns to its Lac Léman collection. The three hands and date of the original make way for a series of three timepieces with Chronograph, Calendar or Dual Time complications. The watchmaker has taken care to conserve the pared-down elegance and Riviera chic of a collection that...